Monday, August 18, 2008

Above My Pay Grade

It has been a terrible last couple of weeks for Barack Obama. First, Russia attacked Georgia and Obama offered a weak response and left for vacation. Second, Tim Kaine took credit for a cease fire that still hasn't taken hold. Third he faired poorly at Pastor Rick Warren's forum.

When asked a simple question about when he felt life began, Obama offered it was not for him to answer; it was above his pay grade. Now this may have been a cute way of trying to deflect a powerful question but it showed the distinct lack of leadership that surrounds the Obama campaign. Is this how Obama is going to respond when tough decisions need to be made? If Iran were to threaten America with nuclear weapons is this how Obama is going to respond? Is Obama going to shrug his shoulders and say well it is above my pay grade? Is Obama going to say oh well it must be gods will? This is how Obama answered the tough question on when life begins. Obama shrugged it off and simply states it is above his pay grade. This implies only God knows.

As Obama struggles hiding his far left leaning tendencies he has to resort to distortions of the truth and lies. Obama knows full well he torpedoed a Bill as State Senator because he thought the bill undermine abortion. Obama believed it was within his pay grade to determine that even when a baby is born live during a botched abortion procedure, the baby could still be aborted. Regardless of what side of the abortion issue one finds themselves there is no way that someone could consider a baby nonexistent after it takes that first breath of air. However, Obama did not believe so in 2002. He torpedoed a bill because it might undermine abortions. Obama resorts to lies to cover these tracks. Obama was wrong on this issue in 2002. His "Above My Pay Grade" comment shirked his responsibilities in 2008. This is a cop out and Obama knows it. Obama is weak and represents change we can do without. We do not need 4 years with a President that is weak and unprepared. This is the only change Obama represents. Obama stands for nothing and only stutters and stammers his way around tough issues.

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Obama, or Soetro or whatever his real name is, struggles because he is lying about who he is.

He's a windup doll, teleprompted into prominence, who's a cipher when it comes to anything other than b***s***.

If he were true to himself, he'd be more powerful.

But,then, he'd stand even less chance of being elected than he currently does.

And whatever chance he has now will have evaporated much sooner than he, his minions and his shills and shillettes in the wrongly named MSM can imagine--or stop.