Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why the Race Card?

John McCain is running a campaign on the issues; Obama is running a campaign based in racism. Yesterday Obama played the race card saying McCain and the Republicans will scare Americans by saying "I do not look like other Presdents on the dollar bill". Today Obamabots on the Huffington Post have the nerve to claim John McCain's recent celebrity ad is racist. Why has Obama resorted to playing the race card?

John McCain's ad compared Obama to Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears. In the Huffington Post Bill Press asks why not compare to Tom Cruise, Arnold, Oprah, or Trump? The answer to Press is because all of the ones he mentions still have some self respect. They are not so arrogant that they flaunt the laws of the land. Spears and Paris believed they were above the law because of their celebrity status. Just like Obama believes he is beyond reproach because he is "the One" the world has been waiting for. There is nothing racist in John McCain"s ad. It is an ad that paints Obama as the self aggrandizing elitist that he is. Obama on the other played the race card.

Obama intentionally scared left wing apologists with his race baiting. This is not the first time Obama has done this little trick. Remember he said similar things back in May when he believed he had the nomination clinched. I must ask why play the race card?

My thoughts are this. When Obama needs a bounce in the polls he will play the race card. He did it in May to start the general campaign. Obama had apparently vanquished his last competitor for the Democratic Party nomination and he comes out swinging stating that Republicans will run a campaign to scare Americans. The Republicans will paint Obama as someone different, Someone that does not look like everyone else. Again yesterday as it appeared his short lived bounce from his European vacation evaporated he needed to interject race in the campaign. Obama needs something to run on. It is painfully clear that Obama only has lofty rhetoric and empty plans. Obama can not run on issues because he has no ideas.

The left claims that McCain is running a smear campaign. Yet McCain has offered plans to reduce our energy costs today. Once Bush lifted the off shore drilling ban the price of oil dropped sharply. Now Congress adjourned for a summer vacation while the rest of us live with high energy prices. What has Obama offered? Higher gas taxes. A lawsuit against OPEC. Alternative fuels in 2018. Windfall profits tax. None of these schemes reduces the price of oil. In fact most of these schemes will only hurt the American economy and raise the price of gasoline.

Yes the recent McCain ad is true. It compares Obama to two celebrities that believed they held an elite status. Their celebrity aura will shield them from reality. This is more than adequate to describe Obama. Obama believes if we would just change our habits and inflate our tires we will reduce fuel prices. Obama believes his celebrity status shields him from criticism. Obama believed he should be able to have a photo Op with our wounded heroes. When he was not allowed the press and campaign staff Obama no longer had the time to meet the soldiers.

John McCain has offered to debate Obama in town hall forums. Obama has denied the requests. Obama feels he has already debated enough. After all he has debated 22 times while seeking the nomination. Only problem is that Obama failed miserably when asked the tough questions. Obama has been unwilling to debate ever since that miserable showing with George Stephanopulous. So while McCain offers ideas and offers to debate ideas; Obama tries to hide behind his celebrity status and hide from America.

Mr. Press you are wrong. John McCain's ad was not racist, it was the truth about Obama. John McCain has attempted to engage Obama in debates. Obama has run away and hid behind his celebrity clothing. Obama has resorted to play the race card every time McCain climbs the polls. I would like to offer Obama some advice: Please do not cry wolf to many times or no one will be there when you really need them. Obama get over it, get over yourself. Most Americans could care less what race you are. Most Americans transcend race and desire to be colorblind. You on the other hand insist on bringing in race every time you slip in the polls. My question to you Mr. Obama is why can you not transcend race like most Americans?

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