Friday, July 4, 2008

Up The Middle

Obama is making his run for the middle. Many of his policies are now changing to be more appealing to the center. Obama's claim to be a different kind of politician is definitely ringing hollow when you take into consideration running for the middle is the same play book that is always used. Obama is not moving to the center but rather abandoning his primary promises of a marxist world and picking up conservative values.

The playbook says pander to your base and move to the middle. The candidate that mobilizes his base and wins the center will win the election. The theory works like the following: Pander to the party base during the primary. This will solidify the base and energize your hard core believers. After the base is mobilized the candidate then slowly moves toward the center. This slow deliberate move to the center keeps the base mobilized and picks up supporters along the way. The candidate that successfully keeps the base mobilized and picks up the independent middle America will be the ultimate victor.

Obama's playbook is following the basic theory. However, he has a problem. Obama did not methodically move to the center. No, Obama lurched to the right of center. Obama abandoned his base. Obama ran a primary well left of Hillary. Obama was able to energize the far left extreme of his party. Communist and Marxist followers were mesmerized by the chosen one. After securing the nomination Obama morphed into a pseudo Republican. Obama now publicly backs faith based initiatives rather than big intrusive government. Obama just yesterday backed off his lose at all cost Iraq policy to one of flexibility and listening to military commanders. Obama was against NAFTA in the Primary (although his surrogates promised Canada it was all campaign rhetoric) and now is a free trade advocate. Obama through his votes and actions showed he was a staunch supporter of abortion rights no matter the circumstances. Now he is not so sure. All these policy refinements have alienated his base. Obama's move is not a smooth transition from party base to center.

All Obama has done is shown he is a typical politician unable to grasp the nuances of a national campaign. The move to the center must be a smooth transition picking up supporters along the way. Obama jumped over an important constituency. Obama could have done wonders by talking at the Democratic Leadership Council last week. Instead Obama stayed away getting a haircut and playing basketball. Obama has given up on half of his own party. Obama believes his reversal of spoken policy will go unnoticed. Obama believes the democrats will all come home regardless of what he says in the general. Obama feels he can successfully run to the middle all the while abandoning his base and running over the 18 Million that voted for his primary opponent.

The problem is that his policies changes were not morphed. There was no gradual, deliberate move to the center. Obama reversed his policies and now stands to the right of center on most issues. This does not follow Obama's past actions. Obama is the most liberal Senator in the Congress. Obama even made Ted Kennedy appear to be moderate. Obama's past actions and policies stances during the primary were well to the left Hilary. In a matter of days Obama has been able to move to the right of John McCain. It is no wonder the American people ask "who is Obama" or "What does Obama stand for" for it certainly seems Obama has no principles and will say anything to win election. His policies change continuously depending on the audience. Which Obama are we expected to believe in; The liberal senator, the marxist nominee, or the pseudo evangelical? Obama is change no one can believe in.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

"Which Obama are we expected to believe in; The liberal senator, the marxist nominee, or the pseudo evangelical?"

Certainly not the pseudo-evangelical, if you're referring to anything having to do with Christianity. For his own ersatz gospel, sure.

One thing that neither the empty suit from Illinois nor his handlers, bundlers, bumblers, devotees--and that includes the liberal/leftist/Democrat/Obama new shills that jettisoned any ethics they once had--seem to understand is that someone who believes in everything, believes in nothing; and that someone who stands for everything, stands for nothing.

And, as per usual for the liberals, leftists and Democrats, they've woefully misunderestimated Americans' tolerance for and ability to see through b***s*** from hucksters such as Obama.

Yet, they seem not be able to control the ego-driven, inexperienced tongue of their anointed narcissist-in-chief. Imagine that.

Alice said...

DON'T YOU GET IT? It doesn't matter what Obama says. He is like Bush. What they say is meaningless. They both lie everytime they open their mouths. If you expect anything different, then you are the fool. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice...shame on me. Obama is as evil as Bush, maybe more so because he is a Democrat and I expect better. And Bush is worse than any president any one has ever had. So Obama would be the worst if he should be selected. His nomination was rigged so I expect his "election" will be rigged too. The powers that be want Obama...we can only specualte why. Corruption???? A closet republican, a person who can be blackmailed, a person who is bought and sold already. Who knows? But it is NOT anything good, that we can be sure of.

Anonymous said...

I keep wondering if the left will realize that they have been used and abused? They worked their butts off for him in the primary, and now that he has the nomination, they are being discarded like an old tissue. Will they care? Or are they so enamored of the fact that he is a "black" man that nothing else matters, and, like a woman suffering from battered-wife-syndrome, the left will still love him and come back for more?

Anonymous said...

Do you mean to tell me that Barack Obama is a ... a ... politician? I am shocked to my very core. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!