Tuesday, July 1, 2008


In the last few weeks Baracks wacky cult followers attempted to shut down dissent. The used SPAM to have Anti-Obama blogs locked out. Google issues an apology with the lame excuse that SPAM was used against them in their effort to keep SPAM blogs from operating.

The internet is no place to have SPAM. I applaud the efforts to keep SPAM blogs off the net. However, google should employ techniques that verify the the truthfulness of the attacks. There is no doubt that had google not been blindly following the chosen one they could have prevented this fiasco. Where is the investigation into the complaints? Has google backtracked the SPAM email effort? Has Google done anything to prevent this in the future? Following is a list of blogs affected by the marxist SPAM Artists of the chosen one:

There certainly are more out there and I will update as applicable. Please visit these sites. These sites all come from different perspectives but one thing rings true; we all believe ANYBODY BUT OBAMA.

Here at the lizard we believe in free and open debate. We believe in all constitutional rights. We do not limit our view to believing in a few rights and freedoms. We believe in all the rights and freedoms afforded to us under the constitution.

The Lizard Lives.

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