Sunday, July 6, 2008

Obama's Political Stunt

About one month ago John McCain proposed that both he and Barack Obama visit Iraq to assess the situation. The proposal made sense. Both candidates are the presumptive nominees of their party. Both candidates are Senators. John McCain has been an active supporter of the surge. Barack Obama has continuously derided McCain on Iraq. McCain has been to Iraq recently to see yhe surge results first hand. Obama has not visited Iraq for over two years even though he sits on the Senate Armed Services committee.

Obama derided McCain's proposal as being nothing more than a political stunt. Obama saw no reason to visit Iraq. Obama had a stated policy of withdrawal from Iraq at all costs no matter the circumstances. Yet today Obama has his surrogate deride McCain regarding his lack of judgment on Iraq. Yes John Kerry "swiftboated" McCain. Kerry claims that McCain was wrong about the surge. Yet the results of the surge could not be clearer. Iraq has somewhat stabilized. 15 of the 18 benchmarks have been met satisfactorily. Yet Kerry has the audacity to say John McCain lacks the judgment to be president. John McCain consistently backed troop increases to quell the violence. John McCain stood up to George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld and told them they were wrong. John McCain has shown he is the only candidate for president that got the judgment right.

In addition to sending his surrogates to trash John McCain, Obama has started to plan a trip to Iraq. This even though one month ago Obama told everyone that visiting Iraq was nothing more than a political stunt. Part of Obama's plan is to visit the Brandenburg gate and make a speech in Berlin Germany. Obama's handlers believe this speech will follow in the footsteps of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Now who is planning a political stunt?

Obama has spoken that he is the only candidate that has consistently been against the war. Obama has pledged to withdraw from Iraq immediately (two brigades per month). Yet Obama earlier in the week said he would listen to commanders on the ground and that Obama was refining his position. Who lacks judgment? The candidate that recognizes we are in a war and that we have responsibilities or the one that will say anything to gain a vote? Obama accuses McCain of political stunts, Obama sends surrogates out to demean McCains character, and Obama plans his own political stunt. Obama lacks the integrity, judgment, character, and truthfulness to be the local dogcatcher. Is this the messiah the left has been waiting for? A candidate that stands for nothing, a candidate with no principle, a candidate that smears his opponent all the complaining of smears himself? Obama is a childish egomaniac. Obama has an inferiority complex and masks that with his elitist ego. Obama is a political stunt.


Anonymous said...

Obama wants press coverage and crowds. Some of his supporters need a huge refill of Kool-Aid.

Chuckling at the Fool said...

A trip to the Brandenburg Gate and a speech in Berlin? What's next, Obama crossing the Delaware? Meeting with Stalin's and Churchill's relatives at Yalta? This would be consistent with his quasi "presidential" seal. If he doesn't win the election, that probably will not stop him; he'll form a cabinet and start issuing "presidential" orders from the Chicago "white house". Obama, the nation's first "president without portfolio".