Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obama's Judgment

Barack Obama returned from his foreign campaign tour through the Middle East and Europe yesterday. During the campaign tour (under the guise of a Congressional tour), Obama touted his judgment. He made claims that it was his policies that created the space for the Iraqi government to solidify its position. Obama claims only his judgment was correct with regards to providing no support to soldiers in a combat zone, only Obama's judgment was right on the withdrawal at any cost plans, that Obama's plan created the Anbar Awakening, and only Obama has the judgment to save the world from itself.

Take a deeper look into Obama's judgment and we will find his judgment is seriously lacking. First of all Obama in his infinite wisdom and judgment was against the surge. In fact even after the campaign visit to Iraq, Obama does not believe the surge worked. In Obama's judgment it was the Democrats who were right on Iraq and it was the Democrats that deserved credit for saving Iraq. The soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines were valiant in their efforts but were failures in Iraq. Only Barack and his "we have lost" minions were able to save Iraq from itself. For in Obama's judgment it was the threat of withdrawal, the threat of cutting off funds, the threat of quitting that forced the Iraqi's to respond in a responsible way. What a crock, Obama has consistently been on the wrong side of the issue. Obama and his loyal minions can not even admit that the surge worked. Even the AP has recognized that we are winning, but alas the chosen one does not even have the judgment to admit he was wrong. In Obama's judgment it is far better to steal the thunder from the military and spread the wealth of praise on himself and the Democratic party.

Another example of Obama's poor judgment deals with his energy policies. As gasoline moved past an average of $4 a gallon, Obama proclaimed that John McCain's plan to drill more oil domestically would not lower gas prices. Obama called McCains plan on drilling a political stunt. In Obama's judgment McCain's plan was a gimmick. Only Obama's plan to increase the gasoline tax, increase the windfall profits tax, and increase the price at the pump would move the markets. Well the facts are in. When President Bush rescinded the executive order banning off shore drilling the price of oil began to decrease. In the 12 days since Bush lifted the executive ban the price of oil has dropped 14%. As predicted on this blog the mere movement towards more oil production and supplies chased speculators away. Oil prices are falling in spite of the efforts of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the Democrats to derail a real energy policy. The Democrats have obstructed all efforts by McCain, Bush, and the Republicans to reduce costs of energy and help the economy. Obama's judgment on oil and energy is non existent. Obama claims only he has the judgment necessary but his judgment is in the tank.

Another example of Obama's judgment was his neglect of our wounded heroes. Obama was scheduled to visit our heroes in Landstuhl Regional Medical Center while on his campaign trip through Germany. Yet Obama decided against visiting troops. He decided it was much better to ensure the Europeans were on board the Obama express than it was visit wounded heroes he claims to support. In Obama's judgment it is important to get the Europeans on board. In Obama's judgment America's military men and women will not be seen and will not be heard.

Obama was wrong on Iraq, wrong on the surge, wrong on funding, wrong taking credit, wrong on not visiting, wrong on oil, wrong on energy, yet his cult like following believe he has the judgment necessary to become the President of the United States. All of these wrong headed positions have come about in the past month or two. I find it difficult to believe that one candidate could be so wrong yet claim the judgment mantle. As usual Obama's judgment is wrong. Obama does not have the judgment necessary to be dog catcher let alone the Presidency.


Anonymous said...

There are four groups which don't need to be convinced as to Mr. Obama's judgment: a- Obama's maincore supporters; b- Republicans; c- a large number of Clinton's supporters and d-Americans who think Mr. Obama is Muslim (11%).

His main judgment mistake was and is his association with Mr. Wright's church(es). These churches are scary.

Harvald P. said...

Your passion is admirable. I wish I expected as much from politicians. One could argue that Obama was right on Iraq and Bush was wrong (i.e. no WMD's). But While we didn't find WMDs in Iraq, there was plenty of evidence on the ground to suggest that Iraq would have developed them if it had had the opportunity, as it had in the past. But after 5 years, 4000 lives, 30,000 wounded and close to 500 Billion dollars, I'm sure even Bush would consider a do-over. Remember before the war when White House economist Lawrence Lindsey was lambasted for estimating that the war could cost as much as 200 billion? A bit higher than the white house estimate of 50 billion. Turns out he was a little low, but then he also thought it would only last for a couple of years. He was soon run off for being "off message". But then economists are often derided as Knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

Yes, Obama and just about the entire democratic party was skeptical about the surge. But after years of increasing violence, many of our citizens shared their view. But by all accounts, the surge is it more troops or new leadership or both. No, not all milestones have been achieved, but at this point, Obama's steadfast refusal to acknowledge its success certainly must be a topic of debate within his campaign. Which master of the obvious in his camp will be the first to point out that the Emperor has no clothes? Even Hillary agreed that the Surge was working over a year ago. And what were her words to Petraeus? His reports required the willing suspension of disbelief? Well, its a point he'll have to concede during any debate. He may as well get it out there now.

Hard to disagree with the drill, drill, drill theory. In reality it might not add a ton of oil to the market, but when dealing with the Nymex, its the perception that counts. In a market where oil shoots up $5 every time some Nigerian trips over a pipeline, an energy policy that demonstrates our resolve for energy independence is sure to send oil prices lower. Once we foster an attitude of independence and self reliance, god help those Arabs. If we get the wheels turning on alternative fuel technology, our ingenuity will kick in and we will find a long term energy solution. As demand shrinks, they'll long for the days of $20 oil while they pound sand for the next thousand years, or whatever the hell they were doing before we found their black gold. Let's see how many terror organizations they're able to support when they can't afford a cup to piss in. I digress.

At any rate, look for the Democratic party to begin to fracture over this issue. Americans want a solution to this high oil, commodities and inflation. They want to see congress, their elected officials, doing something about this crisis. Even Democrats understand that $4 gas is a huge pain that every voting American can relate to. And Americans do make the connection that high oil causes just about everything else to go up as well. California may not budge on drilling, but Florida is likely to crack and to hell with the 3 people who visit ANWR each year. It's just not that big a deal from an environmental perspective. I'm dead center in the Barnett Shoal and surrounded by numerous drilling rigs. It's a small footprint and a small price to pay to get to a huge reserve of natural gas.

A mistake to skip Landstuhl? Massive. My God, you're a U.S. Senator and a heartbeat away from being their Commander and Chief. We're all aware you personally didn't vote to send them into harms way, but these are your countrymen, injured, in a foreign land. I think this is the kind of issue that will just start to steamroll. It simply reinforces the Obamas as unpatriotic - from not wearing a US pin, not putting his hand over his heart, not saying the pledge, not being proud of your country. With so many talented people around him, how do they miss this? I mean, you get anywhere near Germany, you have to visit the injured troops. His excuse is that it could be construed as a campaign stop if he visited Landstuhl. What? After his Victory tour of Europe and the Middle East, Landstuhl hospital was the lynch pin that would have made it a campaign trip? Ok…sure.

In the end will his trip hurt him? Probably not from a polling perspective, at least initially. But Obama is definitely underperforming as a democratic nominee. At this point, he should be well ahead of McCain. But that is another topic...