Saturday, July 26, 2008

Obama: A Third Bush Term?

Obama could very well represent a Bush third term rather than being the uniter as claimed. The chosen One has floated the name of a Bush Administration official for the Office of the Vice Presidency. Why would any anti- Bush candidate turn to the Bush administration for a Vice President? Is it because Obama is searching for a candidate that will allay voters concerns that Obama is a full fledged in the closet communist? Does he believe having a Republican on the ticket will make it easier for conservatives to swallow the kool aid offered by Obama?

Ann Veneman has been floated by Obama's Vice Presidential search committee. Veneman is a low echelon Republican that often alienated farm state democrats and environmentalists. Obama is searching for someone that can win a constituency. He wants to court independents and women. Obama has been unable to close the deal with Hillary supporters and has yet to unite his own party. Now his search committee is floating the name of a Bush administration official. Does Obama really believe he can alienate ardent democrats in states like Iowa and still win that state in the fall? Floating the name of a Republican is a rouse. Obama plans on relegating his VP to nobody status.

There is no doubt that this rouse is just another political stunt by a candidate that has no message. The unification message has fallen on deaf ears as Obama has shown he stands for nothing. It is impossible to change the culture of Washington without a true message. It would be prudent for Obama to select someone that brings credibility to his campaign. Obama is seriously inexperienced and politically naive. Even floating the name of a Bush Administration official goes to show just how out of touch Obama really is. It is apparent that the voting electorate suffers from Clinton and Bush fatigue. It is painfully obvious that America does not want either another Bush or Clinton in office. We have had 20 years of these type of politicians and America wants a change.

Obama's change message worked to fool members of his party. Obama won a slim delegate majority in the nomination process. Now Obama searches for recycled officials from the Bush era. Why would America want to vote for Obama more with a republican as VP. If we want a republican at the reins we will vote for the real Republican running for President. We will not be voting for the rouse of a republican as VP. This represents more of the same and is not something we can believe in. Obama offers only political stunts because there is no substance to his rhetoric. There are no plans behind his unification and change message. America is waking up to the empty rhetoric and what does Obama do to quell the defections? He floats the name of Ann Veneman offering nothing more than a third Bush term.

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