Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obama: The Presumptuous Nominee

Barack Obama crossed the line in his “fact finding” mission. Obama decided he had to visit Iraq if he was ever to gain any credibility on the Iraq war issue and foreign policy. However, this “fact finding” mission turned out to be just another campaign stop that was funded by all taxpayers. Once Obama crossed the line and strayed from his official duties as a United States Senator this trip should have to come out of campaign funds and not taxpayer funds.

Obama was negotiating with the Iraqi leader. This is not in his job description. Negotiations are performed by the executive branch and Obama undermined the powers of the Presidency. Obama’s conduct is unbelievable, unconscionable, and unconstitutional. Obama was supposed to get the facts on the ground surrounding our war effort. He should have been gathering facts so that he could vote in the Senate on what the best course of action for America is pertaining to the war. He should not be out there grandstanding for his political constituents. Obama should not be out there campaigning at taxpayer expense.

This veiled attempt to undermine the current elected President should not be allowed to continue at taxpayer expense. Obama should be forced to finance his campaign visit out of his war chest. It is obvious that Obama is not visiting Europe and South West Asia as a Senator. He has made it painfully clear that this trip is as presumptive nominee of his party for the Presidency. Obama is really showing how little he grasps of the political system in America. The cult followers have made the presumptive nominee rather presumptuous. Obama is really showing himself as an out of touch elitist.


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