Monday, July 14, 2008

McCain Right on Energy; Obama No Plans on Energy

John McCain has pressed for off shore drilling to ease America's pain at the pump. Today President Bush acted and lifted the executive order banning offshore drilling. Now it is up to the Democrat led Congress to act. Senator Obama and the Congressional Democrats are against lifting the ban even though a majority of Americans support more drilling. The party of no ideas has been out maneuvered once again. Barack Obama and the rest of the do nothings offer pathetic and untruthful excuses.

One of the excuses is that drilling in the US will not lower the cost of energy tomorrow. This is simply an untrue statement and Obama knows of his deceit. Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have announced recently that oil could go for 300-400 dollars a barrel. These irresponsible statements by dictators is causing speculators to bid the price of oil higher. If our own Congress would act and lift the ban on drilling speculators would shy away from bidding the prices higher because drilling will increase supply. Increased supply will lower prices.

Another excuse from Obama and his ilk is that it would take 10 years to produce oil from offshore drilling platforms. This is another untruthful excuse by Obama. Oil producers say they could have oil flowing in 6 months and be at full capacity in 5-7 years. Think about that. More drilling will start easing the supply problem in 6 months. Full capacity in half the time Obama says it would take to produce anything.

Another statement on why drilling is a bad idea is that Obama and the MSM has accused McCain of flip flopping on the issue. Nothing could be further from the truth. Times have changed since the First President Bush signed the executive order to ban off shore drilling in 1990. Gasoline was selling for under a dollar at the pump. Today the average is $4.11 at the pump. Eighteen years ago it was the right decision. Today banning off shore drilling is the wrong decision.

Yet another excuse is that Obama and his followers push for alternative fuels. Right now there are no viable alternative fuel sources available. Bio fuels and ethanol are not the answer. Right now the ethanol is causing food prices to rise exponentially. Corn is selling for $8.00 a bushel. It is a cash crop that farmers are willing to produce. Producing more corn that is going into fuel products rather than on the table. More corn production means farmers are reducing the production of other cash crops that are not as profitable. This means the cost of all food products will increase. And by the way with fuel prices rising even higher cash crops such as rice and wheat are even less profitable.

Under Obama's energy plan America will have to freeze this winter. Many people will not be able to heat their homes. The elderly will keep their homes in the 50's and 60's. They will inevitably catch pneumonia and many may end up dying all because the Democrats wish to have high energy costs to force our economy off track.

The Democrats need an issue to run on. They no longer have Iraq because the surge is working and America despises the "we have lost" mentality of the left. It is my belief that the Democrats led by Obama are intentionally derailing our economy. Senator Schumer caused a run on a major bank leading to IndyMac becoming a failed bank. Obama has stated he wants higher energy costs to force Americans to change their "habits". Obama has been harping on how poorly the economy has been performing. Yet he must understand that our economy is driven by energy. It requires fuel to transport our goods around the country. It takes planes to transport people. It takes electricity to power our manufacturing plants. Bottom line is we need lower fuel costs. Our economic infrastructure relies on cheap transportation costs. Right now Obama and the Democrats are the sole reason our economy teeters on the brink of collapse.

John McCain is right on energy. McCain has shown he is a leader that understands our economic infrastructure. Obama must follow suit and allow more off shore drilling. Off shore drilling will reduce the amount of speculation which will stabilize the price of oil. In six months as the oil begins flowing in earnest the price of oil will begin to fall. This would be just in time for the winter heating season. Obama and the Democrats are all that stand in the way of easing the energy crisis. Obama and the Democrats are all that stand in the way of heating our homes in the winter and saving lives. Do the right thing Obama and support more drilling.


Anonymous said...

McCain is much better on energy than Obama! Americans are hurting and the Dems plan is to hurt us more by raising our taxes. The Dems are still trying to force us to conserve energy by driving prices up. Build new refineries and put more people to work. Drill here! Drill now! Drill while exploring other energy sources! McCain can bring the right types of changes to restore America's greatness. McCain/Huckabee '08 sounds great!

Granny T

Anonymous said...

Have you seen "The Truth about ANWR Drilling" and seen the pictures of what ANWR really looks like? You might be surprised.

Anonymous said...

It's almost disheartening that we even need to have these kinds of conversations. In my 60+ year-old mind, there is absolutely nothing credible about Obama as a contender for leadership in *any* organization, be it a university, a company or an association. And here we're talking about a man with two years of experience leading the largest, most complex organization on earth. Incredible!

John .. TX

Anonymous said...

Want to call Pelosi to get her to address the energy issues?
We know the real reason energy prices are so high. Democrats refuse to let us drill and refine our own oil. Some Democrats are listening to us and are willing to lift the embargo; but Speaker of the House Pelosi refuses to bring it to the floor. She gave out President Bush's telephone number encouraging people to call him and complain of his lifting the executive order. "So a democrat Senator (I think) responded by giving out Pelosi's number and encouraging people to call her and tell her not to block the energy bill from getting to the House for a vote. Her number is 202-225-0100. Bombard her with calls. I hate when she blames Bush, oil companies, traders anyone but herself. Meanwhile she plays petty childrens games on blocking legislation for party reasons."

Congress has a lot lower approval rating than President Bush because of their failure to act on important issues. How can they act when she continues to refuse to bring things to the floor? I tried last night to leave my message; but her message box was full. I tried again this morning and it worked. :) Call her and ask her to bring it to bring the discussion to the floor so Americans can start drilling and refining our own energy.
Granny T