Thursday, July 3, 2008

I've Always Said.......

When Obama starts a sentence off with "I've always said" we need to listen carefully to what he is saying. We need to listen closely because Obama is changing his stance on something. Today Obama started a sentence off with "I've always said" and started down the path of "refining" his position on Iraq.

Now Obama has said he has always been against th war in Iraq. Obama has said he would start an immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Obama has said he believes it not unreasonable to withdraw at least 2 brigades per month. Obama has said the surge was a failed policy. Obama has said Iraq was a quagmire. Obama has said just about everything imaginative that was negative in regards to the Iraq war. Yet today he says he would listen to commanders.

Today Obama says he is refining his position. A month ago Obama said it was a political stunt to visit our troops in Iraq. Today he is in the midst of planning a trip to Iraq. I wonder how Obama is going to "refine" his position that it is a political stunt. We all know by now that the surge has produced results. Iraq has successfully met 15 of the 18 benchmarks in less than a year. Last year this time Obama, Pelosi, and Reid were threatening to abandon our troops in a time of war. Reid in fact said "the war is lost". Reid staged a pizza sleepover party in the Senate in an attempt to abandon our troops. Obama railed against the surge. Yet today Obama says "I've always said" and starts to "refine" his position.

The position refinement is nothing more than an attempt to change his position to the opposite of what he has always said. This is an attempt at spinning an admission that he has always been wrong. Obama understands that the current facts in Iraq do not fit his stated position. Obama understands that his foreign policy positions are behind the times and out of step with mainstream America.

Obama stands for nothing. He has always said he was against the war. Now he is not so sure. Obama has always said there is nothing wrong with black theology. Now he says he has abandoned his church. Obama has always said he was against telecom immunity. Now he is for it. Obama has always said he was against free trade. Now he is for it. Obama's run to the middle abandons everything he ever stood for. This just goes to show everyone that he has no principles. Obama will do or say anything to win an election. He will change his position depending on the audience and then have the audacity to say "I've always said". Obama words are as empty as he is shallow.


jbjd said...

"I've always said." Brilliant. Who has the time to check? I do. This is why I know he "stands for nothing."

a NObama WordPress Blog contributor said...

Good article.

Mark In Irvine said...

You want to see "flip-flop"? Take a look at my May 30, 2008 post at called "McCain was for it at the same time he was against it!" on my fun little site.