Friday, July 18, 2008

Feinstein Just Doesn't Get It

Senator Diane Feinstein, Senator Harry Reid, Representative Pelosi and a handful of other Democrats just don’t get it. America is in the midst of a major energy crisis. We are paying over $4.00 for a gallon of gasoline. The price for a barrel of oil was over $145.00. The economy is on the brink of collapse. Yet Senator Feinstein says there is no way to immediately lower our rising fuel costs.

Senator Feinstein penned an editorial for the LA Times and claimed there was no way of providing the much needed immediate relief. Senator Feinstein offered no ideas for resolving the energy crisis. All she added to the conversation was rhetoric based in outright lies and whines. Perhaps Former Senator Phil Gramm was on to something when he said America has turned into a country of whiners. Perhaps he was really aiming that claim at the democrats who are big on whining but have little of substance to offer in the form of a strategic plan to deal with the energy crisis.

Senator Feinstein called off shore drilling a distraction. Representative Pelosi called off shore drilling a hoax. The Democrats have refused to allow a floor vote on drilling even though an overwhelming majority of Americans want drilling and they want it now. The case that drilling now will not lower gasoline prices is a lie. I have repeatedly stated that speculators are driving the price of fuel up right now. However, in the last three days since President Bush announced he is lifting the executive order banning off shore drilling oil has fallen $14 a barrel. This is a 10% decline in just three days on just removing one of the obstacles for to shore drilling. Moving forward with removing the rest of the obstacles will only further the drop in oil that has occurred over the last three days. America could be energy independent. We have oil reserves larger than the Saudi’s. We have resources in oil that are unmatched. The Chinese have been drilling off shore in the Caribbean and yet our democrats in office continue to lie to the American people.

Senator Feinstein and the democratic ilk have continuously said we require energy independence. This same group says we need to focus on alternative fuels. Yet they refuse to support alternative energy solutions that are available today. They would rather support the Al Gore plan that says we could have the “green technology” for alternative fuels by 2018. The Democrats would rather we suffer through a major economic downturn for at least a decade. That is the plan offered by the democrats. Wait another 10 years for the technology to catch up to our energy needs. In the meantime our entire economy will collapse.

Already our economy is suffering the effects of the lack of energy plans and policies. The Democrats promised in 2006 to lower the cost of energy if they were elected into office. Since we fell for the democratic lies in 2006 our energy costs have nearly doubled. Auto makers are laying off people in record numbers because sales are non existent. Airlines are laying off personnel in an effort to reduce costs. Airlines are also scaling back flight operations and even canceling some routes. Airlines are also charging for taking more than one bag of luggage. Truckers are not able to move our goods around the country and still make a profit. More and more the high energy costs are being passed on to the consumer. Americans are already cash strapped and the democrat desire we feel more pain.

The Democrats led by Barack Obama have no energy plans. Their plan is to make Americans feel the pain until we can develop “clean technology”. This is pie in the sky thinking. Yes it would be great to have low cost energy in the form of “clean technology”. However, we can not get there from here. We are not ready to transition. The alternative fuel technology the Democrats dream of is not mature. Right now it is not even in the emerging technology category. The American economy will not survive the fall if we do not start to reduce energy costs today. We can not wait for ten years for alternative fuel. We must use what is available to us now and move into the future.

The McCain plan to permit Off shore drilling is working in the near term. When President Bush lifted the executive order the price of oil dropped 10%. Just think what would happen if Congress followed suit and allowed off shore drilling. That would drive speculators from the market and oil will drop another 20-30%. Imagine oil at $100 a barrel and pump prices under three dollars. This could be the reality if the Democrats would just allow a floor vote.

There are ways to regulate the American oil industry. We have to enforce our environmental laws. We have to ensure we are selling our oil to Americans. We could establish a price ceiling for the cost of fuel. We could force investment in alternative fuels. We could do a lot of things if the Democrats would just get off their lies and admit the true desire is to drive the economy into a recession/depression just to gain more power in the 2008 election cycle. The Democrats understand that they are losing this argument. The Democrats understand they have been outmaneuvered by the Republicans. Now the Democrats are more than willing to allow our economy to fail. Average Americans will be unable to afford to heat our homes this winter and the Democrats still do nothing hoping to blame President Bush for their failings. This is the hope and change Obama brings to the table. We will change our thermostats and hope we can stay warm. Hope and Change we can’t believe.


Not Clinging to Obama said...

Maybe we ought to elect Obama president and give the Dumocrats big majorities in the House and Senate, then sit back and watch them make a big f**king mess out of everything. Just like dips**t Jimmy Carter and the Democrat Congress in the late 1970s; fouled things up so bad we elected Reagan and the Dems lost the Senate for the first time in a couple of decades. Just like Bill Clinton and the Democrat Congress in the early 1990s; screwed up so badly the Dems lost the House for the first time in 50 years. The country needs to remind itself every so often what a bunch of a**holes the Democraps are. As Christopher Hitchens put it, "I dislike the Republicans but I despise the Democrats." But I guess the country has to see for itself what a bunch of useless turds they are.

Pam said...

I thought of that, too, but it really scares the stuffing out of me to think what that fool could do to this country in four short years.