Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Congress Hits Rock Bottom

Looks like ratings for the do-nothing congress have sunk to single digits.

Please tell me it isn’t so! I could have sworn that Nancy and her apparatchiks, Reid and Murtha were doing a great job…at accomplishing absolutely nothing. For the last two years these three clowns have been running around like the Hansen brothers from that movie Slap Shot. Except the Hansen brothers, despite their goofy antics, had a purpose… they wanted to win. Pelosi and company perfected their clown act after they won in 2006, and two years later there still seems to be no real purpose behind their actions.

Giddy from mid-term election success, Nancy, Harry, and the dangerously senile and corrupt John Murtha immediately picked up where John Kerry and his “blame America” coalition left off after their defeat in 2004.

Some of the more infamous missteps of this axis of stupidity include Pelosi’s trip to Syria in an attempt to undermine administration foreign policy, Reid declaring the war is lost, and Murtha [with no evidence] accusing a group of US Marines of cold blooded murder in Haditha. And who can forget the ridiculous, repeated attempts to impeach George Bush, going after Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney, and just about anyone associated with the Bush administration? Apparently the Dems chose to adopt revenge politics instead of actually accomplishing anything during their majority. Great job Nancy, quite a legacy for the first female Speaker of the House.

Not many will argue the fact that Bush, like any leader, has made mistakes. And many Republicans are also to blame for this congressional debacle. However the Dems have continually tried to portray America as a declining, corrupted super-power, attacking not only our political and military leaders, but even our front line soldiers. All of this in a transparently pathetic attempt to gain political power. It’s no wonder that most Americans feel that our congress is doing a very poor job indeed.

Unfortunately, the Democrats decided in 2006 that it was more important to attack the Bush administration than to attack the problems facing Americans. In the last two years gas prices have skyrocketed, the mortgage and housing markets are in ruin, and no word from Nancy Pelosi. The Dems pinned everything on losing [or surrendering] in Iraq, and when American body counts declined and stability in the region improved, Nancy, Harry, and Murtha, all but disappeared from the news. Let’s hope it stays that way.

What new lows will they stoop to if Obama is elected? Don’t wait to find out, vote Nobama in November.


Throw the Bums Out said...

The Democraps never had any ideas (or clues) and they don't have any now. One of their staffers admitted recently “Right now, our strategy on gas prices is ‘Drive small cars and wait for the wind.’" Isn't that great? I'll go him one better and say let's replace all 535 of them with the wind and it'll likely do a better job! The last time I saw something like this Congress, I flushed it!

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