Monday, July 28, 2008

Blind Love

In the eyes of the Main Stream Media Barack Obama can do no wrong. The are in love with him and will do anything in an effort to sell the shallow viewpoint. All we have to do is look at what the media pawns say and do concerning the Obama campaign and then compare that to the facts on the ground.

The media have touted Obama's foreign campaign through Europe as nothing less than sensational. Last weekend one of the media pawns went as far as to say Obama is running the perfect campaign. To go along with that the media has pounced on McCain for running a blunder filled campaign. The Obama pawns in the media say Obama did not commit any gaffes while on his latest excursion. Yet Obama received a pass from this same media when he said he would be President for the next 8-10 years. The media gives Obama the benefit of the doubt when he cancelled a visit with our wounded heroes.

However, the polls do not bear out the message the media is trying to sell. One poll today had McCain with a four point lead. The real clear politics has an average of polls with Obama having a 4.6 % lead. I have no doubt Obama has a slim lead. I would call this a dead heat leaning towards Obama right now. The polls are showing a close race yet the media tries selling the Obama campaign as being the "perfect" campaign. How can this be? This is a Democratic year by all accounts. We have an unpopular President. We have an unpopular war. We have a poor economy. All of these facts lead American voters to the Party out of office. History bears this out. In 1968, America was tired of the Vietnam war. Hubert Humphrey represented the Party in Power. It was an electoral college landslide (301-191) for Nixon. In 1976, the economy was in the tank. America was still stinging from the Watergate scandal. Gerald Ford lost the election. In 1980, America was living with the misery index. Reagan beat an incumbent President in a landslide (489-49). In 1992, America was yet again in the midst of economic turmoil. Bill Clinton won in another landslide. Yet Obama can barely hold a lead in the polls. In a year when the chips are down the Party that does not hold the executive power wins the executive branch in a landslide. Obama is barely holding his own with what the media sells as the perfect campaign.

I am not sure what the media is taking but it must be good. There are so blindly in love with Obama that they do not even recognize Obama for the failure that he is. Generic Democrats beat generic Republicans by 10-15%. Yet Obama is behind in one poll and only averages a 4.6% lead. If Obama were truly running a perfect camoaign he would be holding a 15-20% lead. The lead would almost certainly show him running better than a generic candidate. The media is guilty of pushing an agenda.

The media has destroyed the Presidency. First they interfered with an election in 2000. There rush to proclaiming Gore as the winner of the election created a circus. We as Americans will never know what might have been. Had the media minded their own business, Bush may have been able to pull out the victory in both the electoral college and the popular vote. Gore may have been able pull even more votes out west if his supporters had thought Gore was going to lose and won the election outright. We will never know what the results would have been had the media not rushed to judgment. What we do know is that the media altered the course of history. After the interference created a circus the media lambasted Bush for 4 years. They never let up. During the 2004 election cycle the media fabricated and forged evidence to portray a President as AWOL when his country called. This again created a circus and undermined the Kerry candidacy. The fabricated evidence created the swift boat ads that brought up questions about the honesty and integrity of Kerry. All of this created by the media. After Bush won yet again the media continued to bash and and spin lies about the Bush administration. All of this an effort to destroy the American Presidency.

For the last two years the media is relentless in the pursuit of destroying an American President. Their blind love for Obama is nothing more than the media attempting to subvert the will of the people. They will spin any Obama gaffe, flip flop, or lie, as being a racist attack on Obama. They will spin McCains gaffes as being major catastrophes. Yes it is a good thing to see what the polls say.

Polls this early are not good predictors of future events. They paint a picture and are a snapshot in time. What the recent polls show is that the main stream media is obviously blindly in love with Obama. Pushing an editorial agenda is not the job of the media. The media is supposed to be unbiased and search for the truth. All our media does is push their own idealistic agenda.

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