Monday, June 9, 2008

Where's The DEM Energy Policy?

In 2006, the price for a gallon of gasoline was rising. When the democrats took over in JAN 2007 our gasoline prices averaged $2.18 per gallon. Americans believed this was a high price to pay for gasoline. Democrats ran a national campaign for Congressional seats on returning normalcy to our fuel prices. They promised an energy policy that would reduce gasoline prices. Yet today the price we pay is over $4.00 per gallon. It has been a long 18 months with the DEMs in control of Congress.

With gasoline prices almost double what they were when the DEMs took office we see evidence of the plan the DEMs had. Their plan was never to implement an energy policy that would alleviate fuel prices in the short term. No they are so desperate for power that they would risk the American economy on rising gasoline prices. They will be intent on blaming the Bush administration and greedy oil companies for the high prices all the while pushing our economy to the brink of depression. The results of Obama's energy ideas are already coming to light. Obama sponsored the ill fated ethanol E85 plan in conjunction with Jim Talent. This has led to inflationary pressures. The Consumer price index is rising. Food products and energy make of the majority of the increase in CPI. Using food products is never a good idea when it comes to renewable energy. Ethanol was a bad idea in the 1970's and it is a bad idea today. Recycling failed 1970's era ideas is no way to change America.

This is the answer from the democrats. Let’s recycle the energy policies of the Carter administration and raise not just the price for gasoline but also the price for food. The Democrats are devoid of realistic short term ideas. They refuse to allow more oil drilling in the United States even though there is a supply and demand problem. Simple basic economics says there is more demand than oil companies can currently supply. As such, the price of oil increases. Allowing more oil to be drilled in the United States would increase the supply, reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and reduce our requirement for the ethanol folly.

John McCain and the Republicans are generating ideas that will reduce energy costs in the short and reduce the price increases of food products. This would keep the CPI under control and allow the Federal Reserve more leeway in dealing with the credit crunch that is affecting the housing market. McCain has pushed the idea of a gas tax holiday. Yes this would reduce the revenues and increase the deficit but it would move the economy forward. The Bush administration and McCain have pushed for opening more of the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). The oil in ANWR would increase supplies and lower energy prices.

I read an article yesterday by Debra Saunders that the Europeans were not upset by the high fuel prices. In fact she stated that Europeans were proud to pay these high prices. I am not sure who Ms Saunders talks to in Europe but they have lied to her. Most Europeans complain just like Americans that the price of gasoline is too high. The Europeans can not afford the high gasoline prices anymore than we Americans can. The European economy is being hurt just like ours. Ms. Sauders needs a new outlook on life. High energy costs are not the joy of Europeans anymore than they are for Americans. No! Europeans are not proud of the fact they pay high prices for gasoline.

Charles Krauthammer suggests $4.00 per gallon should be the floor price for gasoline. He stated Americans did not bat an eye at three dollars per gallon. Maybe at $4.00 we would change our habits. Obama also stated that high gasoline prices would change our habits. I did not know that commuting to work was a habit. I did not know cooling our house in the summer or heating our home in winter was a habit. All of these liberals need to look at reality. Reality is America is on the brink of economic collapse due to high oil prices.

Rather than find responsible energy policies the liberal would rather sink our economy in order to win an election cycle. The high energy costs are creating inflationary pressures and undermining the labor market. Again, I ask, where is the DEMs promised energy policy? Where is the policy that will reduce our energy costs? The DEMs are solely responsible for the current economic crisis. It is their lack of ideas that is killing the economy.

The DEMS would rather look to the 1970's for policy rather than generate new ideas. The policy initiative to provide a gasoline tax holiday and opening up ANWR for drilling may not be the best ideas in the world but they are ideas. Ideas are something the Democratic Party is devoid of. The DEMs need to either pass the tax holiday and open ANWR or at least come up with plausible ideas that will reduce energy costs today not in 2050. Our economy can not handle the failed policies of the past. We must move forward and find responsible ways of reducing energy costs. DEMs you are in charge of Congress. You promised the world in 2006. You came through with nothing.

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