Monday, June 9, 2008

When in doubt Tax

Barack Obama has never introduced an energy policy. Today he unveiled an attack on McCain and the oil companies. Obama lacks the vision needed to turn our energy woes around. His only answer is to jump on the victim bandwagon and blame Bush. The problem with that theory is that democrats have no idea of how to solve the problem.

In an earlier post I suggested that the DEMS need to implement a energy plan as promised or implement the McCain ideas. At least McCain and president Bush have ideas. They may not be what the DEMs want to hear but they are ideas. What is the hangup with drilling in ANWR? What is the deal about not forsaking the gasoline tax for the summer? Is it easier to play the victim? Is it easier to blame the oil companies?

The impending disaster concerning energy is an American problem. It is not the fault of Bush and the oil companies. It is the fault of short sighted politicians that attempt to smear everyone else.

Obama's great energy plan is to tax oil companies. What do you think will happen there? I guess the oil companies will just say OK mate here is more of our money. No! they will make Americans pay even more for gasoline plus layoff employees to cover the additional expenses.

The DEMs are wholly to blame for this crisis. They came into power on the promise of providing cheaper energy. They do not have a plan on how to accomplish that in 18 months. Now Obama falsely accuses Bush and McCain for the high energy costs. This in spite of the fact that in less than a year the gasoline costs have doubled. This in spite of the fact the DEMs have offered no energy plan with the exception of the failed Global Warming farce bill that would have further increased the gasoline tax. Obama your rhetoric may be bought by the ignorant but your when in doubt tax theory is not going to work. 5 months is a long time. In that five months I would suggest better energy plans.

Taxing the oil companies and moving towards ethanol will destroy the economy. Ethanol will increase the cost of food. Higher energy costs will create more unemployment. Your policies are designed to crash the American economy. Is that the only way a DEM can win? Crash the economy and we win? What a shame that power is all that matters to the elitist DEMs. How out of touch.

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