Sunday, June 8, 2008

Polls Show Signs of Trouble for Obama

Barack Obama should enjoy his time in the sun. Right now he is enjoying the proverbial bounce from winning his party's nomination. Rasmussen tracking poll shows Obama is enjoying an eight point bounce since Tuesday. Last Tuesday both McCain and Obama were tied at 46%. Today Obama has an 8 point lead (48%-40%). However, the poll also shows some results that should be disturbing to Obama and his followers.

The number 1 issue in the minds of the American voters is the economy. This usually spells trouble for the incumbent party. However, the tracking poll shows that 44% believe McCain will do a better job with the economy than would Obama. Only, 40% of the voters believe Obama will do better. When the economy is the issue candidates that win the race usually win the battle of the number 1 issue.

Another troubling sign is the differences in terrorism. McCain enjoys a comfortable 14 point lead when it comes to who would be better at protecting Americans against terrorism. The ostrich syndrome that Obama suggests is not working out very well in the minds of the voters.

Iraq is another losing issue for Obama. 81% say that Obama is more interested in withdrawal and defeat than he is for finishing the mission. On the other hand 74% say McCain is more interested in finishing what we started. This is troubling because while an earlier Rasmussen poll showed 51% of Americans favored returning the troops home the facts on the ground are improving. As long as the facts on the ground keep improving and Americans see an end to the mission the defeatists in our country will be defeated in this issue.

Enjoy the bounce Obama. You won the nomination battle fair and square. However, unless you start specifying the details of your plans you will be painted as a tax and spend liberal that is out of touch with real Americans. Economically, America is in a fragile period. Your support of raising the gasoline tax rather than implement a tax holiday my come back to haunt you. The vision you have of increased spending has to be paid for somehow. Your plan to gut the military will save you some however, even if you cut military spending in half there is still a budget deficit. Your plan to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire will only create more unemployment and less revenue.

America took in a record amount of revenues this past tax year and that was with the Bush tax cuts. Raising taxes does one thing. It will decrease the amount in the budget coffers. So my question is where is the cash coming from needed to pay for your big government programs? Yes Obama this polling data shows some troubled waters ahead of you and your campaign. Enjoy the bounce while it lasts.

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