Friday, June 6, 2008

Polls Show Obama May Be Unelectable

After perusing the Daily Kos site I find it interesting that in recent gallup polls Obama loses or is tied in every age category with the exception of the younger voters. Now the Kos site suggests that the enthusiasm Obama has created in the younger voter may be enough to push him over the top however, I would have to disagree.

First of all the 18-29 age category that Obama wins is unreliable on election day. They tend to not get out and actually vote. Younger voters also tend towards short attention spans. Now this election cycle has been going on for almost two years. How much longer will these younger voters keep the enthusiasm up? If these voters do not show up at the polls does Obama stand a chance?

The answer really is that unless Obama makes tremendous strides in other age categories he will be the big loser in this campaign. The simply are not enough young voters to make up for the aged group that supports John McCain. This aged group are reliable voters. They will show up at the polls.

The folly that is the Obama campaign have established a losing coalition of voters. The coalition is made up of rich liberal elitists, young 18-29 years olds, and African Americans. This will only create a landslide victory for John McCain.

There are signs that the Republicans and John McCain will fair Ok. John McCain raised 21.5 Million in May. McCain currently has 10 Million more in the bank than does Obama. The RNC has far out raised the DNC. In the end the republican donors will come home. They may not be enthusiastic right now and may believe they will show the republicans a lesson and not show up. However, with an anti-American racist on the Democratic ticket it may just be enough to bring the conservatives on board. After all they do not really have a choice. In the lessor of two evils philosophy they will have to enable John McCain.

There is no spin available for the daily KOS. Obama only wins in one age category. This will not be enough and really makes Obama unelectable unless he can convert more of the forty somethings. The may just be the end of the road for the great appeaser.

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