Monday, June 16, 2008

Obama Wooing Michigan

Obama campaigned in Michigan today. The chosen one says he plans to assist in transitioning Michigan workers into a competitive global workforce. Obama blasted McCain for not having plans to revitalize an area hard hit by economic woes in the auto industry. But what does Obama offer them?

Obama has plans of destroying the auto industry as we know it. Obama favors rising fuel prices in order to force a change in Americans "energy habits". Obama derided McCain for not having a plan. Obama derided McCain for saying we can not bring back the auto industry jobs of the past. But Obama offers no plan whatsoever. All he provides is more rhetoric. His campaign stop today was nothing more than a stop to say "hey vote for me. I am not George Bush and McCain will certainly bring George Bush Plans".

How does this rhetoric help the unemployed in Michigan? Under a Democratic State Congress and a Democrat GOV what help has been provided to the middle class voters? Unemployment in Michigan stands at 6.9% as of April 08; this is almost 2% higher than the rest of the US at the end of April. I find it difficult to believe that the "Messiah" can not bring something to the table besides his "cowboy diplomacy" and empty rhetoric. McCain spoke in JAN about transitioning Michigan's economy from the auto industry to manufacturing for the future. The industry base in Michigan needs to change. McCain is right when he said he would not promise to bring back the auto jobs that have previously been lost. These jobs are not coming back. McCain wants to move Michigan forward with an eye to the future. Obama wants us to change our habits. His philosophy will place more blue collar jobs in jeopardy. Obama's energy plans will increase the unemployment rate of Michigan. So I leave with this one question: Why should Michigan vote for Obama?

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