Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama Wants Preconditions

Barack Obama has established that his foreign policy would include sitting down with discussions with the likes of Iranian dictator Ahmadinejad without preconditions. Yet when John McCain offers 10 town hall style debates Obama sets preconditions. Obama will sell the farm to our sworn enemies yet refuses to discuss real issues on a national stage with John McCain. I must ask the question " what gives?".

Obama said just last month that Iran is no real threat. He says the threat that Iran poses is smaller than the Soviet Union. Obama believes we should open high level discussions with terrorist organizations and rogue nations. But yet refuses to take on John McCain in a simple town hall style debate. Does this mean that McCain poses a greater risk to Obama than does Iran?

Iran seeks to destroy the US and our allies. Iran spoke with the Japanese Prime Minister and spoke of a world without the United States. Yet Obama does not see this as a threat to our National Security. Why does the "eloquent one" believe that John McCain is a bigger threat than the Iranians?

I believe that Obama views John McCain as a threat to his electability and Iran as only a threat to National Security. Obama does not have much to worry about in terms of Nuclear war or dirty bombs if he is president. After all he will be wisked away to some bunker in the event of a unconventional nuclear attack. He will be safer than the masses he presumes to defend. After the masses are decaying in our city streets Obama will be able to negotiate away our strengths as a way to heal the country. He will be able to get get Americans to cower away from retaliation and tend towards appeasement. However McCain is different.

McCain is a real person with real ideas. McCain represents Americans that believe America's best days are ahead of her not behind her. Obama will bring us back to the days of the misery index while McCain offers hope and prosperity. Obama offers the country the second Carter term while McCain offers us a move towards the future. Obama offers us a government filled with corruption while McCain offers a way forward. The DEMs have controlled congress for 18 months. They have done nothing to help the economy. Yesterday the Republicans offered a way ahead for the economy. While grown adults may agree to disagree, what can Obama offer? He and the DEMs have no plans for energy. In fact Obama wants fuel prices to rise just not so quickly. The DEMs and the MSM have wished for and created the environment of economic woes but have no plans to cure our economic woes. Yes Obama is afraid.

Obama is afraid that McCain may make a town hall debate about McCain's vision of "peace through strength" and Obama's vision of "peace at any cost". Obama is scared that McCain may have an idea or two about resolving our energy crisis, while Obama can only hope the price of gasoline increases so Americans "change their habits".

The eloquent one is afraid. The gaffe machine knows that when pressed to speak impromtu he is about as eloquent as a fish out of water. The Messiah is afraid of McCain but yet unafraid of destroying American strengths in the name of peace. What a shame that the gaffe machine would be more afraid of a political opponent than an enemy of the state.

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