Thursday, June 5, 2008

Obama Needs A Clue


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Obama Clarifies Remarks on Jerusalem

Obama told a a pro Israeli lobbyist group (4 JUN AIPAC)that Jerusalem should be the site of the US Embassy. Obama also said that Jerusalem should be the undivided Capital of Israel. A day latter after Mahmoud Abbas rejected Obama's comments the great appeaser backtracked on his promise to the Jewish community. Just one short day later the Great Appeaser know says Jerusalem is open for negotiations.

Is this the kind of unconditional talks Obama envisions? Will he bend whichever way the wind blows? Obama is on course to negotiate away our friends and allies. Obama's foreign policy seems to be ever changing. Obama has already discussed deep cuts in our military strength. He plans on negotiating away even more of our strengths in an effort to "restore credibility" for America.

Obama the great appeaser finds it difficult to understand that our enemies do not wish for peaceful interaction. He does not understand that Ahmadinejad does not want peace with America. Ahmadinejad spoke with the Japanese Prime Minister yesterday and declared that they needed to statrt preparing for a world without America. Ahmadinejad continuously declares that Israel will be non existent. The Europeans have been negotiating with Iran for years to no avail. In fact the Europeans begged for US intervention once the political negotiations stalemated. Obama the great appeaser has a foreign policy problem.

The problem is that Obama is naive. His policies stances are ever changing and show his lack of leadership. His lack of leadership will negotiate our strengths away. His inexperience in foreign affairs will do nothing except leave America in a weakened state. His inexperience and lack of leadership will leave our allies hanging. Obama is weak and will not make a definitive decision. All of his decisions are open ended and ever changing. Obama's lack of vision is a failed vision of the 1970's. America will be worse off tomorrow then we were with Carter at the helm. America can not afford a weakened liberal figurehead. The peace at any cost philosophy is naive. Obama needs a clue.

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