Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Obama's Judgment Problem

Barack Obama has a serious judgment problem when it comes to his associates. Obama sees no issue with his lead person for the Vice Presidential search committee. Former CEO of Fannie Mae Jim Johnson is the chair of Obama's VP search committee. Johnson received a "sweetheart" deal from Countrywide. Countrywide has been criticized by the Obama campaign for unscrupulous lending practices. According to Obama companies like Countrywide and Fannie Mae are the reason for the mortgage crisis. However, Obama defends Jim Johnson because well "he is not a paid advisor". Johnson is a volunteer. It does not matter to Obama that the VP position is an important decision. Obama has monumental poor judgment.

The gaffe machine is unable to judge character. He has surrounded himself with an anti American bigoted spouse, and anti American bigoted spiritual advisor, an admitted terrorist, a convicted felon, a Clinton advisor that allowed Marc Rich to receive a pardon, and now Jim Johnson. How many more corrupt, anti-American, terrorists is Obama going to be allowed to associate with before the MSM decides enough is enough and starts to vet Obama. Obama is not the messiah. He is nothing more than an empty suit incapable of making wise decisions. Obama has an issue with judgment. Most of his decisions are poor because of this lack of judgment. Is this the change America is seeking?

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