Monday, June 2, 2008

Obama Has A Problem

Barack Obama has a serious election issue. In January he began with his hope and change mantra. His message is hope we can believe in. The problem is that Obama has not given the specifics of his change. He has not adequately detailed any of his proposals. Obama is stuck in the mold of running against George W. Bush. The problem with this type of campaign style is that George W. Bush is not running.

America has been forced to interpret what changes Obama has to offer. He has not addressed the changes with any detail so the American voter must analyze his actions and his words. Both his words and his actions have shown Obama to be an out of touch elitist intent on forcing his Marxist ideals on Americans at large.

Obama attended Trinity United Church for over twenty years. His self proclaimed spiritual advisor and mentor preached racial and anti American hatred to his parishioners. Obama was married by his spiritual advisor; his children were baptized by the spiritual advisor. Jeremiah Wright preached from the Black Liberation Theology school of thought. Now Obama shuns his church. On the heels of Priest Pfleger inflammatory remarks made from the pulpit of Trinity United, Obama decides to "quit" his church.

Now Obama never denounced the anti American rhetoric spewing forth from his church. He only quit the church because it became a political inconvenience. He said as much himself when he said he quit because he did not want his church being under the political microscope. Obama's communication Director said this was a deeply personal decision. The was not done out of the intolerance his church has towards Middle America. No it was done because Obama did not want his church to become a political spectacle.

Well too bad Mr. Obama. Your church and your beliefs are relevant to your values. Your attendance in this church displays your lack of judgment and self respect. No self respecting American would force their children to listen to anti American and racist Black Liberation Theology every Sunday unless they believed in the bogus teachings.

I am sure this was a deeply personal decision. It is tough to quit going to a church that holds the same values that you do. It is tough not being able to clap, cheer, and shout anti American rhetoric. I understand that you do not want to alienate these voters. That is why you steadfastly refuse to denounce these preachings. I am sure this political inconvenience will be short lived. Whether Obama wins or loses he will be back in this church; it is what he believes.

The hatred shown by Obama's actions and the marxist ideals shown by his speech should make Obama supporters take another look. Obama is not the messiah. He is just another elitist democratic nominee with a November problem. Good luck Mr. Obama in your attempt to unite a party you helped destroy. There is a reason Americans cling to their guns and their religion. It is because we as Americans refuse to let our government take over our lives. We the people will take our government at our convenience. Obama you have a problem and that problem is that you are a divider not a uniter.

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