Saturday, June 7, 2008

Obama's Change: A Bridge to the Past

The great thing about America is that we have changed with the times. Our country has constantly met the challenges and moved into the future. We are a forward looking country filled with optimism. We are a country of inherently good people that rally behind causes that affect the future. Our Presidential candidates have always provided their vision of the future. Their vision for keeping America on the cutting edge. All winning candidates saw an America with its better days in front of it. That is until this year.

Barack Obama is the democratic nominee but he talks in pessimistic ways. His vision is one of the past. His direction of change is not change directed at moving America forward but rather directed at moving America backwards through time. Obama is a recycler of failed polices from the past. He sees America as entering a 1930's depression era. He sees American race relations as there were in the 1960's. He sees the best path for American foreign policy as the same appeasement philosophy Carter had in the 1970's. He loads his VP search committee with the same corrupt lawyers that usurped the American constitution and provided pardoned for the likes of Marc Rich.

Barack constantly talks of bringing back domestic policies from the depression era. The great deal type reforms that were necessary to bring a country out of depression. He clings to issue that housing investments are decreasing. Even though this housing bubble was created by faithless borrowers like representative Laura Richardson (D). Obama offers no real ideas just rhetoric. He will recycle the idea that "Government Knows Best".

Obama has defended his black liberation theology by saying race relations have not moved forward in recent years. Obama clings to the civil rights activism of the 1960's. His beloved church preaches the evils of "white America". Obama's civil rights policies look to the 1960's for guidance with claims of bridging Obama to Robert F. Kennedy.

Obama policies in foreign affairs are a mirror image of Jimmy Carter's failed policies. Obama plans to gut the military. He says he will cut military spending and quit funding future combat systems. He plans on unconditionally surrendering in Iraq. He plans on unconditionally sitting down for talks with known supporters of terrorism.

Obama economic policies also mirror Jimmy Carter's. Obama has very similar plans for energy as Carter. Obama supported a bill that would have increased the cost of a gallon of gasoline by 50 cents. I remember the gas crisis of the 1970's. Under the traitorous Carter there were huge lines at filling stations awaiting for fuel. This has to sound familiar to todays high gasoline prices. Obama backs plans to "nationalize" the oil industry. These socialist ideas have not moved forward with the times. They are mired in the 1970's.

Obama is also using Clinton cronies. Eric Holder used his influence to secure a pardon for Marc Rich from Bill Clinton. Holder used his position in an attempt to leverage the Attorney General position in a Al Gore cabinet. Henry Waxman called the actions of Clinton and Holder as "an end around the judicial process".

Obama does promise change. The change Obama promises are a bridge to the past. A bridge between the infamous Clinton years, a bridge to the failed Carter administration, a bridge to the failed 1968 democratic convention, and a bridge to the depression era of big government. These bridges to the past are changes America can do without.

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