Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Obama Backs Into Nomination

Barack Obama has become the Democratic Party's nominee. The party it seems is his to run and it is Obama who will have the opportunity to knock off John McCain. Unfortunately, Obama does not enter the general election campaign a winner.

Yes he did win enough to secure the nomination. However, similar to sports teams backing into the playoffs, Obama will limp into the general election. Obama is a weak candidate who has not been fully vetted. As more of his shady, corrupt, anti-American, and racist friends surface Obama will fall into the trap of throwing more and more people under the bus.

The problem is the eloquent one (also known as the gaffe machine) refuses to take any responsibility for is words or his actions. Obama preaches that we should listen to his words. Most Americans have listened and find that some of his remarks need further investigation. Obama in his own words would like to abolish the second amendment. He said this in his written word on questionnaires when he was courting endorsements from anti-gun organizations. His words said as much when just prior tothe Pennsylvania primary Obama spoke of Americans clinging to their guns and religion out of bitterness. Obama claims we have 57 States and of course Hawaii and Alaska combine to make 1 State. Obama says he will have a sit down with our sworn enemy in Iran. Ahmadinejad has constantly spoken of ridding the earth of one of America's staunchest allies. Obama would like to sit down and negotiate with the Marxist dictators like Castro and Chavez. Obama made these remarks even though there is clear evidence of human rights issues in Cuba and support of terrorist organizations from Venezuela. Obama says he will abandon the Bush tax cuts for the rich. However, he never discusses what his definition is of the rich. I assume he is going to allow all of the Bush tax cuts expire and that will hurt all Americans as the Bush tax cuts were across the board. Obama says he could not disown his pastor anymore than he could disown his own grandmother. We all know how far that went. It certainly seems that the more Obama talks the more we learn that Obama is out of touch. Obama is an elitist who believes the government will fix all the problems because the masses are not smart enough or capable enough.

What about Obama's actions. First he entered into a deal with a corrupt land developer. Obama says this was a boneheaded mistake. Obama sat on a board of directors with William Ayers. Ayer’s is an admitted terrorist who claims he did not destroy enough of American infrastructure and would do it all over again if provided the opportunity. Obama has supported organizations that would abolish the second amendment. Obama has decided to call into question John McCain’s foreign policy credentials. This controversy with McCain is in spite of the fact that Obama has no foreign policy credentials. Obama attended an anti-American, hate filled, and racist church for over twenty years.

All of these actions and words are what we base our judgment of Obama on. Now Obama takes no responsibility for any of his so called gaffes or lack of judgment. He balmes staffers for misrepresenting his views. He says he is not to blame for the words of his pastor. He says his church does great things for the community in spite of the hateful rhetoric. His senatorial district lies in ruins while he lives in the posh environs of Hyde Park.

Obama's lack of leadership, lack of judgment, and lack of responsibility will ruin America. His redistribution of wealth philosophy will destroy the American work ethic. The liberals talk of two Americas. They claim the middle class is shrinking. They claim that all of the increased domestic expenditures will come from increased taxes on the rich. My question is what is the definition of rich? Will Obama truly make this a Nation of two America's? The policies espoused by the left will make two classes. The will be the rich elitists that run the government and then the masses. We will have no economy because they government will force the evil corporations into bankruptcy. The evil corporations that are considered necessary will be nationalized (Maxine Waters). The government will run America and the masses will lose their government. The Marxist ideals that Obama has will fail. History has shown that economic equality creates apathy. Apathy will create an atmosphere where no one wants to excel because they will be provided for the same way as an over achiever. These Marxist ideals have failed the Soviet Union, they have failed in France, They have failed in Germany, they have failed in Eastern Europe, and they have failed in China. China has grown their economy but it is not because of Communism it is in spite of it. China has become more capitalistic and their economy has grown. Now Obama and his ilk would bring in failed Marxist ideals and force an economic upheaval of epic proportions. By the time the gaffe machine would be finished with America there will be no America.

As Obama is vetted and exposed for the weak leader that he is, Middle America will see him for what he is. Much like the sports team that backs into the playoffs Obama will be vanquished. Obama has shown that he is unable to close the deal. Obama was able to get an insurmountable lead early on in the process. He failed miserably in the final primaries and only backed into the nomination due to huge influx of super-delegates. Obama is a failure waiting for defeat.

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