Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Most Ethical Congress In History

In 2006, Queen Nancy and Prince Harry told us they would run the most ethical congress ever. The Abramoff scandal had exposed many of our politicians as being corrupted by the money. The democrats demonized the lobbyist community even though they were and are a big part of the scandals surrounding lobbyists. While many republicans were caught up in the Abramoff scandal democrats like Prince Harry Reid were left alone. But lets look into some of the more recent scandals in the news and see just how ethical and transparent the democrats have been since they have been in power.

William Jefferson was caught with over $80,000 in his freezer. He has been indicted in federal court and is facing prison time for bribery. Has he been censored by Congress? No, the only thing the democratic leadership did was strip him of chairmanships. Was he forced to resign? No, in fact he is again running for reelection even though his family members are starting to plead out in federal courts.

Jack Murtha tried to hide ear marks hat he set up and sponsored. Last year he received over $1 million for a fictitious organization. Jack Murtha was not even made to answer for this corruption. Murtha constantly plays a game with ear marks and says other congressman must pay to play. The king of ear marks also beared false witness against the Haditha Marines. He called them callous murderers. Yet thus far 7 of the 8 marines he accused of heinous crimes have had charges dropped or have been acquitted.

Harry Reid took money from Abramoff in exchange for voting on Indian reservation issues that would have benefited Abramoff. What happened to Harry Reid? He was elevated to Senate Majority Leader.

Now we have two sitting senators taking sweetheart mortgage deals from countrywide. Senator Dodd sits as Chairman of the Senate Banking committee and is in the process of sending historic legislation to bailout countrywide to the Senate floor. This legislation will benefit Bank of America and Countrywide. Bank of America donated over $20,000 to the Senator. Countrywide donated another $20,000 to the Senator. Bank of America is in the process of buying Countrywide out. The proposed legislation benefits Bank of America in this bid and places the taxpayer at risk of paying increased taxes to bailout Senator Dodd contributors. Senator Dodd should have recused himself during committee hearings and negotiations while writing this plan. Instead his contributors will gain financially at the taxpayers expense. Senator Conrad from North Dakota is also involved in this scandal. In fact 9 out of 10 people involved are democrats who will vote unanimously for this legislation to bailout mortgage companies as payback for being good contributors.

Are these the ethics Queen Nancy was talking about? They will rid the corrupt politicians as long as they are not Democrats? The problem with corruption will only get worse. Obama today reneged on his promise to take public funds. No one since Nixon has forgone public funding. Campaign financing is a serious issue that allows corruption and yet the Great agent of change wants to add more secrecy by forgoing the public financing. How corrupt can the democrats get? Americans must take action and vote all these corrupt politicians out of office. It does not matter which political party the politicians belong to. They are all corrupt and are beholden to the contributors. We must exercise our right and rid ourselves of the self serving politicians. This corruption is not change we can believe in. All we did in 2006 was change which corrupt politicians got the biggest slice of the pie. These people waste away our tax dollars to the benefit of their major contributors. Every day we hear more unethical behavior by our politicians and all this corruption after Queen Nancy promised the most transparent and ethical congress ever. Yeah right.

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