Saturday, June 7, 2008

McCain/Thompson A Formidable Ticket

There have been many names kicked around regarding potential running mates for John McCain. Many pundits are kicking around names like Charlie Crist, Tim Pawlenty, Tom Ridge, Mitt Romney, and Mike Huckabee. These are some capable running mates. However, many of the aforementioned names do not necessarily help much in the electoral college math.

Crist is the govenor of Florida. Having Crist on the ticket may secure Florida but in all likelihood Florida will vote for McCain anyway. The DEMs really messed Florida up in the delegate battle. Pawlenty may be able to swing Minnesota. However, he did not win reelection with a strong showing. Ridge may be able to help in Pennsylvania and may help actually swing the state. However, Pennsylvania has not voted Republican in the last four elections. Romney will not help carry MA and Huckbee comes from a State that should vote for McCain.

So who does the Political Lizard think would make the perfect running mate? Thompson!!! No not Fred Thompson but rather Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin. Tommy Thompson was the very popular Governor of Wisconsin. He was elected Governor an unprecedented 4 times with almost 60% of the vote in a progressive state. Thompson was instrumental in developing a plan to reform welfare. He started Wisconsin Works program and showed that welfare reform was possible. Thompson's welfare reform was the blueprint used by none other than Bill Clinton in his welfare reform package. Thompson reformed the education system in Wisconsin. He was the national leader in developing a school choice program that worked in Milwaukee and became the blueprint for other States to follow. He also developed Badger Care. This was a State program that offered medical insurance for those workers that were not covered in an employer insurance program but yet made too much to be covered by medicare. This program was still a free market system and not the same tired socialized medicine that the left offered. Tommy Thompson would bring Wisconsin into the Republican fold. Thompson has credibility throughout the Midwest. He could garner enough Twin Cities voters to turn Minnesota. He could bring Michigan in the fold. Tommy Thompson could solely campaign throughout the Midwest. Thompson would bring the social credentials the conservatives are demanding. Thompson would bring credibility to economic, school, and medical issues. Thompson may be able to swing enough Midwestern States that McCain just may be able carve a new electoral map. The McCain/Thompson ticket may be the formidable ticket that puts America back on the right tracks.

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