Monday, June 30, 2008

Lock-Down of Anti-Obama Blogs Gaining Attention

NewsBusters' Warner Todd Huston reports today on the recent shutdown of anti-Obama blogs on Google. As reported previously on this blog and many others, there has been a concerted effort by Obama supporters to silence blogs that do not agree with Obama's plan to ruin our nation and subjugate Americans to his socialist policies.

The actions of his supporters have only reinforced my belief that Obama and the malignant mass that follow him are willing to use any means necessary to get this toxic ideologue in the White House. The use of Chavez-like tactics to silence opposition seems to be part of the Obama game plan.

Although a temporary inconvenience, the locking of these blogs has been beneficial in exposing the left-wing for their intolerance and total disregard for free and open political discussion where their candidate is concerned. Google, whose flawed spam reporting architecture was exploited, should have been quick to realize that they were being used by deviant political operatives to close down selected blogs with a similar theme. Google possesses the technology available to avoid this type of abuse. They chose not use it in a timely or effective manner. Therefore Google, despite repeated apologies and excuses, remains complicit in these events.

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