Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Don't Know Really Means I Don't Care

When I was a young lad being chastised by my parents for committing some boneheaded sin I would always answer the questions "why did you do that?" or "what were you thinking?", with the response "I don't know". This always raised the ire of my parents and they would retort that saying I don't know equated to saying I don't care.

Is that what Obama is saying when he dismisses the actions of his loyal inner circle. A couple of months ago when Barack's self proclaimed spiritual mentor was in the news for spouting anti-American sermons Barack proclaimed he did not know that his church was capable of such kind of hate language. A month later when Jeremiah Wright spouted off again, Barack stated that this was not the Jeremiah Wright he knew for the last twenty years. Then Obama decided to disown his Pastor after saying he could not disown Wright anymore than he could disown his own grandmother. Yesterday, after his confident and political partner in Chicago was found guilty of government corruption, Obama yet again says this is not the Rezco that he knew.

It always makes me wonder when a "know it all" politician says "I don't know". This is a cop out. It is an avenue of escape. Obama is really saying he does not care. Obama has friends that have corrupted the Chicago Political system. Obama has friends that are overt racists and anti-American and quite frankly Obama does not give a damn. He does not care that he is as corrupt and anti American as his friends. Obama does not care what we think of his associations. Obama does not care about America. Obama is an egomaniac that only cares about himself. Oh he gives a great speech. His oratorical skills are unmatched. Yet he does not believe in the garbage he spews. He only believes in the black theology his religion spews and the corrupt political ways of Chicago.

Obama does not care about the plight of the American Middle class. Obama is backing legislation that would add .50 to the price of gasoline. Obama is backing plans to bail out faithless borrowers like Laura Richardson in the mortgage fiasco at tax payers expense. Obama backs a plan to raise taxes to pay for a socialized medical program that will decrease the benefits of the middle class. Obama says he does not know. However, what he is really saying is he does not care.

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