Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Have The DEMs Lost Their Minds?

A gallon of gasoline costs over $4.00 per gallon and yet all the DEMs can do is discuss impeachment proceedings against the setting President. Never mind that the Bush administration has only 7 months left. Dennis Kucinich introduced impeachment articles that must be dealt with in two days.

Have the DEMs lost their minds? Why would Congress be worried about impeachment articles on bogus charges when the economy in the US is in the words of the left "tanking hard"? Is this what the American taxpayers shell out tax dollars for? The DEMs see no problem trying to stifle what little economic growth we do have by trying to increase the regressive gasoline tax but now they become negligent in their duties in an effort to embarrass the President. Everyone knows there are no grounds for impeachment. If committing perjury is not grounds for convicting the impeached then whatever thoughts Kucinich has on impeachment are frivolous at best.

I know the DEMs require an issue to run on in 2008. They can not run on their record as the only thing they were able to pass from their agenda was a minimum wage hike that is complicent in our current economic crisis. They can't run on their energy policy because they do not have one. They can't run on Iraq because with the current improvements in the theater to withdraw now would be an utter mistake and a humanitarian disaster. The party of no ideas is showing just how out of touch they really are. They have nothing to run on and zero ideas to improve the economy so fall back blame Bush and threaten to impeach. Throw the bums out. America deserves better than our current crop of politicians. Vote out all incumbents and show the career politicians that the people own the government.

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