Sunday, June 29, 2008

Three Down One To Go

During the January 2002 State Of The Union Address President Bush denounced the "Axis of Evil". The axis included three rogue nations. Three Nations that did not wish to play with the world community. Three nations intent on gathering and developing weapons of mass destruction. Today as we look back two of the three nations are no longer in the axis of evil.

President Bush liberated Iraq from a ruthless dictator. Saddam Hussein had previously engaged chemical weapons on his own countrymen. The people that were rioting and protesting The Baath party and were executed en mass. The Iraqi's were exercising a right that all Americans enjoy. Americans take their constitutional rights for granted while citizens in other countries are summarily executed for demonstrating. Bush would not back down in his demands of North Korea. We would not accept the North Korea demands of two country dialog. Bush stood his ground and imposed economic embargoes. Bush would not appease the communist dictator in North Korea. Last week the North Koreans turned over documents of the nuclear ambitions and destroyed the cooling tower in Yongbyon. On June 26, 2008, the tower came down. The reactor had been shut down for one year and now it has been destroyed. The US has since eased restrictions on North Korea. This is a demonstration of diplomacy at work. Through strong leadership and pushing lower level dialog and establishing preconditions we were able to get the North Koreans to back off their nuclear ambitions. This is two of the three original members of the "axis of evil" being brought back into the international community. Isolation will also work in Iran. We do not have to always resort to military solutions. However, we can never take the threat of military action off the table either. It was through the strength of our military and threat of its use that persuaded Libya to denounce its nuclear ambitions. It was the strength of our military that toppled Saddam Hussein. It was the strength of our military that civil unrest in Iraq has receded. It is the strength of our military that has Al Queda on the run. Why would we denounce one of our greatest strengths in an effort to appease the Iranians.

Obama continuously denounces our projection of power. He has stated he would meet with our adversaries unconditionally. Obama has stated he would systematically dismantle our military. Obama has said military research and development monies for future combat systems would dryup. His appeasement philosophy is to use diplomatic negotiations from a position of weakness. He feels he can talk loudly and carry no stick. Obama would sell the farm instead of fighting for it. Obama would rather stick his head in the sand than negotiate from a position of strength. Under Bush America is safer then we were before. There have been no attacks on American soil since 9/11. Saddam Hussein has been vanquished. Al Queda is on the run. Iraq has turned a corner. North Korea has stopped its nuclear weapons ambitions. Do we really need a change back to the 1970's? We need to change course for the future we do not need a change back to the failed policies of the past.

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