Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ethcial Lapses in the Democratic Party: Change We Can Believe In?

Change We Can Believe In. This is the theme of Barack Obama's Presidential campaign. Obama has never outlined what changes we are in store for. However, one thing Obama is not changing is the unethical behavior of our politicians. Yesterday it was learned that 2 democratic party senators were provided "sweetheart" deals from Countrywide. Now Obama hads spoken out against Countrywide as creating the mortgage mess but now we find that it is the democrats that are in bed with the unscrupulous lenders.

Senator Dodd from Connecticut and Senator Conrad of North Dakota received favorable loans from Countrywide. They received deals that are not possible for most Americans. Senator Dodd speaks vehemently against the lending practices of Countrywide and has led the call for investigations and mortgage bailouts and yet unethically received favorable loan consideration simply because he was a friend of Angelo Mozilo.

This corruption scandal comes on the heals of learning that Laura Richardson defaulted not on one mortgage but three mortgages. Laura Richardson then voted in favor of a mortgage bailout bill. Senator Dodd and Senator Conrad are also in favor of bailing out home buyers. All this pseudo outrage when the democrats are in bed with the lenders. When these corrupt officials take what is essentially a bribe from corporations they became a part of the problem. By receiving special deals they increased the burden on individuals that were not able to get these sweetheart deals. By taking these "gifts" others had to pay higher fees and higher interest rates. The average American subsidized these corrupt politicians. Average Americans made it possible for Dodd and Conrad to milk the system.

Is this the change Obama envisions? Is this the transparency in government the democrats spoke of in 2006? Are these the ethics Nancy Pelosi spoke of? Obama says he is for change we can believe in? All he has shown is that we will change which set of corrupt politicians bilk the American taxpayer. All of Obama's change rhetoric is nothing more than allowing another set of special interest groups to ruin our government. We as Americans must stand up and take our country back. Vote all the incumbent corrupt politicians out of office. We need to start fresh. Obama is not the One. He is for the corruption just like his friends in the Senate.

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