Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Eloquent One: Obama Frightened of McCain Refuses Townhall Debates

Barack Obama refuses to accept John McCain's proposal of 10 Townhall style debates. At first Obama said it was a great idea. A few Days later Obama said while the idea was great but he would propose a counter offer. Today Obama has his counter offer. The offer is one townhall style debate. One must ask how the idea of having ten townhall meeting is a great idea but then only offer one? Usually if the idea is great the stakes would have been raised. Instead of having a counter offer of one Obama should have countered with 20. Alas, the eloquent is showing his true colors.

Obama is simply afraid to debate McCain in a townhall style. Obama has not fared well when he is unable to speak from a canned speech or a teleprompter. When Obama has been forced to speak off the cuff he gets in trouble. His off the cuff remarks got him in trouble with his philosophy of appeasement and unconditionally meeting with Iran. His off the cuff remarks regarding Jim Johnson and his stance that Johnson should not have to be vetted got another body thrown under the bus. Obama was trounced in the ABC debate when he did know what questions they were going to ask. Obama constantly gets in trouble when he speaks without the aid of a teleprompter.

Obama is frightened of McCain. Obama is afraid that he may actually have to explain his idea of change. Obama is afraid he may have to answer how he intends on paying for $3 trillion dollars in government programs and handouts. Obama is frightened that he may have to answer questions regarding the Countrywide developing controversy. Botom line is the eloquent one is only eloquent when someone else develops his speech. When all Obama has to do is speak someone else's words he becomes the messiah to his legions. When he has to speak his own words he becomes a bumbling marxist.

The human gaffe machine is afraid of McCain. He is frightened of his own unique ability to be a walking talking gaffe machine. Is this what we want as President. An eloquent speaker with no ideas? A gifted orator as long as he is speaking the words of others?

Americans need to wake up. The MSM is not going to vet Obama. We must demand the opportunity to vet him ourselves. Obama wants to hide from McCain. The eloquent one is afraid of debating. What a shame.

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