Monday, June 23, 2008

The Democrats Are Asleep At The Economic Wheel

Last summer the news media starting portraying America's economy as beginning a significant downturn. Gas prices were high and the housing bubble had burst. Our economy has shown its remarkable resiliency but it is teetering on the edge. The Democratic Party promise of an energy plan that would reduce our fuel costs has never been presented. Now the "Populist Party" goes against the will of the populous.

Obama and the Democrats have only been able to produce fringe energy plans that do nothing to help the ailing economy. The democrats have offered to increase the federal tax on gasoline by 56 cents per gallon. The democrats have attempted to tax the evil oil companies. The democrats have threatened to take over our oil companies. The democrats have proposed eliminating the Bush tax cuts. Obama has pushed for alternative fuels like ethanol (more on that in a minute). Obama has proposed a $1,000 tax break for the middle class to help pay for higher fuel costs. All of these ideas and none of them help reduce costs. Obama has proposed investigating charges of speculators increases the price of fuel. Obama has said we need to change our habits. Obama has advocated higher fuel prices in effort to force Americans to change their habits. Today the Democrats said there are no short term fixes. We will have to live with higher prices. All of these plans and none of them address the real issue. The real issue is that the high cost of energy and fuel is crushing the economy.

Our transportation companies are cutting jobs. Truckers are paying $4.648 per gallon for diesel fuel. This is a 256% increase from one year ago. Airlines are reducing the number of routes and laying off pilots. Commuters are finding it difficult getting to and from work. All this and the Democrats and Obama push for alternative fuels like ethanol.

Unfortunately, Obama's ties to the ethanol industry are causing the price of food to increase. Ethanol is the main ingredient for ethanol. We are taking food products off the market. Increased production of corn due to the laws of supply and demand are taking other commodity crops off the market in order to make the profits from selling corn as fuel. The price for a bushel of corn is also causing meat products to increase in price. Corn again is the main ingredient for feeding our nations livestock. While this is not the first time food products have been taken off the market and sold as fuel products, it is the first time where food and energy inflation is coupled with reduced capital in the depreciating housing market. Americans are losing wealth everyday on their real estate capital all the while the cost for basic sustenance increases.

It is unclear why the democrats have failed to accomplish anything since the 2006 elections. Maybe it was "Bush Derangement Syndrome". The democrats have been trying to beat Bush since 2000. The Main Stream media has attacked Bush from day one. It is remarkable that Bush still has a 30% approval rating. I do not know of too many people that could be bashed daily for 7 years by the MSM and still retain a 30% approval rating. Maybe the democrats were too busy receiving sweetheart deals from the mortgage lenders to notice the growing housing bubble. Perhaps Senator Dodd should have been working for Americans rather than working his elitist credentials. Perhaps Obama was to busy playing president and designing a pseudo presidential seal rather than act presidential. Perhaps the democrats were too busy intentionally derailing the war effort to notice Americans hitting hard times. Perhaps the democrats really do not have any substantive ideas.

It is apparent that the populist party will go against the populous. They will not allow further drilling in America even though a recent survey showed 78% of Americans back more exploration and drilling. A full 64% of Americans strongly back drilling now. What are the democrats waiting for? Public support is there. We have vast oil resources in our own country. The democrats excuse is that we can't get the oil tomorrow so why start? Let me tell you why we should start now.

First drilling now will force the speculators out of the market. Second, we would offer more supply than demand, thus reducing the cost of fuel until an equilibrium is reached. Third we would create more jobs and reduce inflationary pressures. Obama and the Democrats are offering raised taxes, raised unemployment, raised inflation, raised mortgage defaults, and raised homeless rates. Is this Obama's vision of change? Instead of a resilient society we would become a vanquished society. The democrats have been asleep at the wheel for too long. They believe in their inevitability of winning election in 2008. They have become complacent and arrogant. Their elitist views will destroy all self respecting Americans.

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