Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Columbia Professor to Lose Job after Noose Incident

Back in October, Columbia University professor Madonna Constantine came to work and allegedly found a noose hanging from her office door. Despite the ensuing furor and an intense investigation by both state and federal law enforcement agencies, the perpetrator was never found.

Prof. Constantine is now embroiled in another controversy, but this one has nothing to do with hate crimes. Ms. Constantine has been suspended indefinitely for the most grievous of academic transgressions; plagiarism. An investigation by Columbia officials determined that the esteemed Prof. Constantine not only pirated the works of three colleagues, but that she also lied when she claimed the material as her own and accused her colleagues of plagiarism in an effort to obstruct the investigation that will eventually lead to her dismissal.

When the noose incident occurred in October 2007, it was not widely known [or at least reported] that she was being investigated for stealing the intellectual property of her colleagues. Certainly this fact would have caused at least some degree of suspicion as to the timing and cause of the noose. Constantine has demonstrated that she is not above taking credit for the work of others, and then falsely accusing those same individuals of plagiarism. Recognizing this moral and ethical deficit, are we to believe that she is not capable of staging a racial incident in an attempt to hide behind her ethnicity and play upon the emotions of the hyper-sensitive, PC worshipping, academic community? My guess is that this ethically bankrupt professor thought she could dampen the plagiarism charges by playing the victim.

In the end professor Constantine has been exposed as a liar and a thief. Her dismissal should effectively end her career as an educator, and rightfully so. One has to wonder if such a person ever had anything of value to offer her students, or did she just pass on her own twisted values to those eager minds?

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