Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Body Under The Obama Bus

The public learned yesterday that Obama selected the former CEO of Fannie Mae Jim Johnson to be his lead for the committee in his Vice Presidential search. Today we learned Jim Johnson resigned and Obama accepted.

Seems Obama shows no loyalty to anyone. Yesterday Obama said it did not matter that Johnson had ties to Countrywide. Obama said the VP selection committee members were volunteers and therefore immune from vetting. However, as the controversy boiled over Johnson decided to write his resignation letter. Now if Obama truly meant what he said yesterday he should have come to his friends aid. He should not have allowed his friend to be scapegoated if there was any once of truth and belief behind Obama's words.

Of course Obama has a history of throwing people under the bus that get into the way. Obama had a chance to endorse a candidate for change in Chicago. This candidate was a friend of Obama. However, his friend was not the establishment candidate. So what does Obama do? He throws his friend under the bus and never looks back. Obama tried to defend his racist and anti American Pastor. When the heat got to hot what did Obama do? He folded. Obama had the opportunity to defend his church? At first he admirably defended the church tooth and nail. In the end though Obama quit his church when the church was no longer a political advantage. Obama could have come clean with the Rezco relationship. However, Obama said this is not the person I knew after he was convicted.

Obama will not stand up for anybody. He shows that he is not loyal to anyone or anything. He will change his church, change his friends, and dismiss associates when they are no longer politically convenient. Does America really need a President that is disloyal, that stands for nothing, and lacks judgment? Is this the change Obama speaks of? Just another day and another body under the Obama bus.

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