Sunday, June 15, 2008

2008: A Major Setback In Race and Gender Relations

This primary season made history. Barack Obama is the first minority candidate for President to gain the nomination from one of the two major parties in the US. Hillary Clinton could have been the first female to gain that lofty status. After New Hampshire it was apparent America would make history. The first African American or the first female would be at the top of the ticket of a major political party. On the surface there is the appearance that America is healing the deep wounds of racism and gender bias. On the surface there is the appearance that America came to terms with the divisive issues of the past. However, as it turns out this is quickly becoming a major set back for race relations and gender bias.

There is evidence that the Barack Obama campaign is creating an atmosphere with racial tensions and gender bias. In an effort to quell female voter dissension Obama will have a platform filled with wedge issues. The candidate for change will have a platform that divides America. Obama has stated that his number one priority as President will be to provide women the right to abortion no matter the circumstances. Obama will attempt to win over women voters on just this one issue. Obama's supporters have continuously disparaged and trashed the women that voted for Hillary. The Democrats would like to kick a female delegate out of the convention for dissenting. Obama's attack dogs have belittled and berated the women voters. Obama's cult like following has stated they do not need the Hillary supporters. Seems to me that Obama has the same kind of "cowboy" diplomacy that George Bush has. Obama's attitude of your either for me or against me is eerily similar to Bush's statements regarding terrorists. The tone of the Obama campaign is dangerous for America. The politics of division is alive and well within the democratic party. The courting of the women vote by utilizing wedge issues and trashing those that do not fall into the trap of divisiveness will set back the womens movement 50 years. It will take generational change to heal the wounds being created by the Obama campaign tactics.

On race relations it will even be worse. Obama has already interjected race into the general campaign. It has not even been a week since Obama became the presumptive nominee and he already has started the race baiting. Obama came out and said the Republicans will make him and Michelle "Scary". Obama has said the republican tactics will be to tell Americans he is not "black enough". The racist undertones of the Obama campaign will set American race relations back two or three generations. Liberal blogs like FireDogLake have already begun the race baiting. That particular blog says if Obama is elected there will riots in the streets by the American Right. However, my concern is the riots that will be started should Obama win or lose. If Obama wins, his marxist ideals will create a racial divide. Obama's failed policies of the past will make him the second Carter administration. Similar to Carter, Obama will be a one term failure. When the Obama presidency fails, race relations will rise to the surface and further divide America. If Obama should lose in November, the racial tensions will erupt. Representative Clyburn has already promised open rebellion should Obama lose. Obama and his fanatics have placed race front and center into his campaign. Many of the Obama hit squad participants already visit independent and right leaning political blogs and scream racism. If you are not for Obama you must be a racist.

This campaign season will do more damage to race relations and gender bias than ever before. Obama is a divisive candidate that is using race baiting and gender wedge issues to win an election. Obama has no substance behind his rhetoric and therefore resorts to claiming victim status and further creating wedge issues. This campaign season should be about change. Americans are demanding change. Obama has claimed the change mantel. The only problem is rather than move the country forward Obama is moving backwards on serious race and gender issues. It will take multiple generations to heal the wounds Obama and his cult followers are creating. Obama's "cowboy" diplomacy is dangerous. Making comments like "don't bring a knife to a gunfight" is not change. It is eerily similar to George Bush.

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