Sunday, May 25, 2008

Reckless Policy

The Eloquent One has spoken. Obama has no intention of seeking an energy strategy that will help ease the soaring gasoline prices. He sees no reason to offer a gasoline tax holiday that would help ease the burden of increasingly higher gasoline prices. With the price of a gallon of gasoline fast approaching $4.00 per gallon Obama does not believe a summer tax holiday would be beneficial. He does not see the 18.4 cents a gallon as helping strapped Americans. The Democrats ran in 2006 on a platform of introducing legislation that would reduce the burden of high gasoline prices. Instead what we got was prices that are over 50% higher today than they were in 2006.

Obama has the nerve to say higher gasoline prices will force Americans to change their "habits". I did not know that heating our homes and driving cars in the daily commute was a "habit". Obama obviously does not understand that automobiles are part of the fabric of American lives. Unlike Obama hard working middle class Americans drive from the suburbs to the industrial parks to stay employed. Using fuel is a necessity in American life. We require fuel or we will not be able to heat our homes in the winter. We need fuel or we will be unable to haul agriculture products from the rural areas to the urban areas. Fuel is not a habit. In the absence of feasible alternatives our economy is directly linked to fuel prices.

It is easy for the Eloquent One to grandstand and call use of fuel a "habit". Is Obama really that naive? Does he really believe that gasoline is a fad that can be done away with by making the cost to high? What will happen to the American economy with such reckless thoughts? The Eloquent One has very elitist type views. He believes it is as easy as turning on a switch. After all the Eloquent one does not have to drive his hybrid anymore because he has Secret Service drive him from place to place. He is not concerned with the high cost of fuel because he has duped 1.5 million Americans into donating $1 million dollars a day so that he can jet set around the country and espouse reckless and naive viewpoints.

The Eloquent needs to take some basic economics courses. Perhaps his local community college could offer him one. I understand that the elitist attended Harvard but obviously Obama was not required to understand the American way of life. Obama and the Democrats have broken their promise to America. They promised an energy policy that would reduce the cost of gasoline. However they did not tell us the policy would drive America to the brink of bankruptcy waiting for feasible alternative energy. Obama and the democrats are exceedingly gifted at passing the blame on Bush. When are we going to wake up America. The democrats sold us a bill of goods in 2006 and now they are failing to deliver. We were duped. Before the Democrats are done America will be destroyed. Our economy is teetering and yet Obama says we are not feeling enough pain yet.

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