Friday, May 30, 2008

Out of Touch DEMs

The democratic party truly is out of touch. Just today, John Kerry an elitist Senator from Massachusetts said we were not at war on 9/11. Obviously he does not understand what it is like to lose a loved one during an attack on American soil. On 9/11 America was attacked. Over 3,000 people died at the hands of cowards. After eight years of attacking the empty Al Queda training camps the terrorists were emboldened. Osama Bin Laden believed we were weak and would not do anything other than wallow in our misery. America was weak after the bombing of our embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. We were weak after the brazen attack on the USS Cole. We were weak with Saddam Hussein. All of these attacks and the appeasement party did nothing.

It was no wonder Osama Bin Laden planned to attack on American soil. After years of a scandal ridden weak president we did nothing to stop the terrorists. We did nothing to stem the hatred of the impoverished Moslems. I always wondered why the greatest country on Earth would allow terrorists to invade our relative safety of peace. Today I received that answer.

John Kerry and the rest of the democrats did not believe we were at war. They did not believe we were at war even after the brazen attack on American soil. They still do not believe we are at war. The appeasement party believes that Iran is responsible for the success of the surge and not the American military. The appeasement party believes we will be able to have unconditional talks with our sworn enemies. The appeasement party believes in the ostrich syndrome. If we stick our heads in the sand long enough the bad guys will ignore us or go away.

How many attacks will it take for the appeasement party to understand Americans do not want war? Americans do not like war. Americans will avoid war. But Americans will not be attacked and let it go unanswered. We are a country founded on the principle of freedom. When that freedom is infringed Americans will band together and destroy the bad apple. We did it after Pearl Harbor and we did after 9/11. Too bad the appeasement party was asleep at the wheel.

Now America is faced with the king appeaser. Obama's stated policy of open presidential talks without pre-conditions will doom America. We will be attacked again under another weak democrat politician. How could anyone ever consider voting for a party this out of touch?

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