Thursday, May 22, 2008

Obama the Prima Donna

“Lay off my wife”. This is the reaction of Barack Obama to criticism of his wife and campaign surrogate, Michelle. Obama the sensitive would like people to listen to his wife during campaign events and her stump speeches, but he is vehemently opposed to any criticism of her from the Republicans. Never mind the fact that Obama has been at times a very outspoken critic of rival Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill, especially after the South Carolina primary. The media – pampered and arrogant candidate believes that criticism of his wife is off limits, and that’s his rule.

Obama should realize that any surrogate, even his wife, is fair game in politics. If he wants to shield her from criticism, keep her at home or at least in the background. This “hands off” attitude is the result of the “rock star” treatment he has come to expect from the media and his fans [is that redundant?]. Obama is a spoiled politician with a portfolio of accomplishments that is as thin as his skin. He now angrily demands special treatment from the opposition…simply because he is Obama. The general election will no doubt be a very trying time for this political prima donna.

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