Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Obama: Following The Failed Policies of a Traitor

Barack Obama's stated stance on negotiating with our enemies without preconditions sounds eerily familiar to the appeasement philosophy of one Jimmy Carter. The appeasement philosophy failed 32 years ago and will fail us again. Jimmy Carter won the presidential election in 1976 and immediately started our country down the path of dismantling our military. In his view America needed to sit down with our enemies and negotiate away one of our strengths. Now Obama is spreading similar rhetoric in his campaign. Obama has stated that he will not fund more future combat systems. Obama has stated he will surrender to the terrorists. Obama has stated that he will reduce the military budget. These are the same failed policies of an American Traitor.

Jimmy Carter is the American traitor. Yesterday at the Hays festival our illustrious ex-president took it upon himself to sell out America and sell out one of America's closest allies. Mr. Carter commented that Israel has 150 thermal nuclear devices. Now Israel has never publicly claimed a nuclear arsenal but our ex-president decided it was time for him to spread the word to the world that yes indeed Israel has nuclear capabilities and that capability is 150 nuclear weapons. This comes on the heels of Mr. Carter's infamous visit with the leaders of Hamas. Hamas is a terrorist organization that Mr. Carter is coddling to.

This is not the worst of Mr. Carter's traitorous acts. Mr. Carter also stated at the Hays festival the the European Union and Britain should ignore American requests enforcing an embargo of the Hamas led West Bank. This undermines current American Foreign policy. This ex-president has no business interfering with our National Security. Mr. Carter has to realize that he was voted out of office in 1980. America tried his failed policies for 4 years and decided his leftist ideals and appeasement philosophy were a complete failure. Mr. Carter has committed other traitorous acts including coddling to Hugo Chavez. Chavez is another tyrant that supports terrorist organization.

Mr. Carter much like Benedict Arnold must feel under-appreciated. Carter is by far the worst president America ever had. Yet he feels America never understood or gave his appeasement philosophy a chance. So now just like Benedict Arnold, our ex-president is selling his country out. Jimmy Carter should be brought up on charges of treason.

Obama is falling in line with the same anti-American sentiment that Mr. Carter has. Obama displays his contempt for Americans. Obama has promised us a future of more appeasement. Obama has the same peace at any cost philosophy that Carter had. If America were to elect Obama what would happen when we again find that America has been diminished to a harmless speck on the wall with a hollowed out military? Would Obama follow the same traitorous footsteps that Benedict Arnold and Jimmy Carter have? Is this the best the democrats have to offer? Obama is a gaffe machine following in the footsteps of the weakest President in American history.

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