Sunday, May 11, 2008

It must be New Geography

Barack Obama has visited 57 States during this campaign. He only missed Alaska and Hawaii. It seems his staff would not allow him to visit these last two states. That's right folks since I have been away in the last two weeks I learned we added nine new States. I am still trying to figure out where these states are at, what the names are of these nine states, and when Obama visited them.

I feel like Rip Van Winkle. I must have been asleep for a very long time. I guess everyone should be attending Harvard law school in order to learn the real deal and get to know all of our United States. I know I only graduated from a small State University and they may not have the funding to understand the big things pertaining to America but I would have thought this small school would have at least let the students know that Alaska and Hawaii are one state and not two. It must really take a Harvard education to learn the real deal.

Obama and his campaign will try to blow this off as a simple gaffe unworthy of media attention. As Americans we need to ask ourselves the question "Do we really need a President that does not understand our form of Government? Lets look at the US Senate. This is a governmental body that Barack should be intimately familiar. We have 100 US Senators; two from every state as established by the US Constitution. This simple gaffe shows a fundamental lack of understanding of our constitution. The simple gaffe runs much deeper than Obama did not know how many States we have. This gaffe shows the basic contempt Obama has towards his fellow Americans and our form of government.

Maybe this was a Freudian slip. Maybe Obama has dreams of adding nine additional States. Perhaps Obama would like to annex Mexico; that way we would not have to discuss illegal immigration. Maybe Obama would like to enter negotiations with other Marxist dictators; Cuba and Venezuela are two prime candidates. Why not add some terrorist nations maybe they want to be a part of the US. Perhaps Obama could give up on the American dream and go for terrorist support. Obama might offer Statehood to Hamas and Al Quaida. While Obama is at perhaps he will negotiate Statehood to Rogue Nations like North Korea, Iran, Libya, and Syria. Maybe these nine new States are what Obama has in store for America. Is this the change America is in for?

The cult like fanatics that support and follow Obama point out that no one can dig anything up on Obama. These fanatics say people need to focus on little gaffes in order to find cracks in the Obama armor. Well I say to them please look at your candidate closely. This one remark concerning Obamas visiting 57 States shows Obama is painfully lacking in experience. All we have to go on when making a decision about Obama is his words and actions. We know Obama followed his Spiritual mentor for over twenty years. The Spiritual mentor was anti-American. The fanatics will say we can not hold Obama accountable for the views of his Pastor. They rationalize the relationship as everyone has associates who say things we do not agree. While it is true we all do have associates we do not necessarily agree with all the time; most of us would not call them our spiritual mentor and would at least try to sway the opinions of our associates and not try to applaud the radical views. We know Obama has served on boards and socialized with Antonin Rezco and William Ayers. Rezco is on trial for political corruption and Ayers is an unrepentant terrorist bomber.

This is what we know about Obama: He socializes with corrupt contractors and terrorists, he attends radical anti-American church services, and he does not understand the US constitution. My spouse (a legal immigrant and naturalized citizen) even knows how many states we have. In fact my spouse had to take a test that showed a basic understanding of our government. It is truly a shame that a candidate for President with a Harvard education does not know enough about America to even know how many States we have in our great Nation. I always heard my parents say they did not understand the "new math" my school was teaching. This gaffe must be the "new geography" that Obama was taught.

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