Thursday, May 22, 2008

An investigation is in Order

A US House of Representative walked away from a mortgage. Laura Richardson received a no money down mortgage in 2007. She borrowed $535,000 and then only made a few payments before having the house repossessed by the mortgage company and then sold for a loss at an auction. Just yesterday this despicable Representative claimed she worked out a deal with her mortgage company. Today the Daily Breeze reported that based on public information Congresswoman Richardson indeed did lose her house making her an outright liar. According to public documents James York (a real estate broker) purchased Richardson's house at a foreclosure auction two weeks ago. In addition to being a dead beat with personal obligations; Richardson failed to pay real estate taxes. She left behind almost $9,000 in property taxes. With Representatives like this it is no wonder why our Congress has a 16% approval rating in recent polls.

In 2006, America voted the the Republicans out of power. One of the main reasons was political scandals. We were promised ethics reform and transparency in government. Yet this story is hidden. There is no outrage by our Democrat led congress on the corrupt, irresponsible, and deceitful behavior of one of their own. The Main Stream Media remains quiet with this story. Obama and Hillary remain deaf to this story. Yet both of these candidates have been clamoring for the American taxpayer to bailout reckless and irresponsible borrowers.

I have to wonder is this who Obama and Hillary are talking about when the say the ruthless and unscrupulous lenders prayed the borrowers. Is this the ethical behavior Nancy Pelosi talked about when she proclaimed she would lead the most ethical Congress ever? This is another example of why America must throw the bums out of office.

Our politicians have all become accustomed to unethical behavior. Our career politicians have become complacent and believe they are untouchable. We must vote them all out of office.

I believe a full investigation is in order. I would like the following questions answered and then send this lying cheat out of office.

Did this Congresswoman abuse her power? Did she use her position in discussions with her lender to get a better mortgage deal? Did Richardson use this house as collateral for campaign loans? Is this why Obama and Hillary proposed bailout plans at taxpayer expense?

This Congress has done nothing in the 16 months since being elected with the exception of investigating the Bush administration. I have no issues with investigating the executive office in order to keep the checks and balances in place. However, it would seem to me that in order to hold credible hearings on corruption charges in another branch of government, the investigating branch needs to be credible and ethical itself. It will be interesting to see if Nancy has the courage to investigate one of her own or will she wait until it is forced by the will of the people.

The Democrats are big on takking about raising our taxes. They have already floated the idea of increasing the gasoline tax even though we are paying almost $4.00 a gallon. Both Democratic contenders have proposed big ideas on socializing our health care system by raising taxes on the rich. Both candidates are talking about education reform by raising taxes on the rich. Both candidates have proposed a socialist agenda by raising taxes on the rich. Yet they allow peers to neglect their own taxes. I have heard no outrage regarding this story. I have heard no outrage that another Democrat (Al Franken) refused to pay his income taxes. It sure seems the democrats are nothing more than the party that will tax everything and everyone except their own.

Yes it is high time we rid ourselves of the parasites that are our career politicians. Our career politicians are out of touch with reality. Our politicians preach to us. Yet when it comes right down to it they only represent themselves. Our career politicians will lie, cheat, and steal from the very people they represent. Our career politicians have failed us.

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