Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Barack Obama was a no show for yesterdays primary in West Virginia. Obama was humiliated. Just one week after a convincing 15 point win in North Carolina and receiving an insurmountable delegate lead Obama lost in humiliating fashion. While many of his supporters will argue that the game is over and this result is insignificant, I have to wonder what this tells us about the future.

Obama was complacent after his 15 point win in North Carolina. Obama started his general election campaign. His focus changed to John McCain. The problem is, Obama taking the Democratic voters for granted. Look at what happened to the New England Patriots in football this year. They had a great year. They went undefeated all the way to the super bowl. Early in the year the Patriots dominated their opponents. Blowout after blowout. Then at the end of the regular season they had some scares. They probably deserved to lose more than once in their last 4 or 5 games. Finally when the big game was finally arrived the Patriots lost. In a historic collapse New England lost their way. Sound Familiar?

It appears Obama could be headed down a similar path. Exit polls showed that 2/3 of Hillary voters would not vote for Obama. 1/3 said they would stay home and another 1/3 said they would vote for McCain. These numbers do not bode well for Obama. The most outspoken of Barack backers have alienated many voters.

Obama followers have a habit of calling Hillary supporters uneducated voters. This type of elitist attitude is not going win a general election for President. Obama can not win if he does not get the Hillary vote. Obama has won less than half of the democratic votes in the primaries. His lead and likely winning margin in popular vote will be a plurality of democrats. If Obama loses 2/3 of Hillary supporters it would be impossible for him to win.

Obama needs to lick his wounds from last night and start telling the American public how he is going to heal the deep wounds of a splintered democratic party. He must heal these wounds in order to avoid an electoral landslide in November. Obama will in all likelihood win the nomination. Obama is only going to win the popular vote in the primaries by 1-2 percent. This is hardly a mandate.

Presumptive nominees do not run out the clock and lose in the final stretch by 41 points. Obama should be humbled by this and reach out to those voters that have been alienated by the fanatical cult like followers of his. These "educated idiots" need to tone it down or they will be the downfall of Obama in what should be an historic election.

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