Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The [Future] Swiftboating of Barack Obama

Every democratic operative and most, if not all of the [anything but] mainstream media are steeling themselves for the torrent of negative GOP ads should Obama be nominated in August. They will no doubt attempt to lessen the impact of any critical GOP ads against Obama by immediately dumping them into the swiftboat category.

In the hyper sensitive minds of most liberals, the term “swiftboat” refers to any form of criticism directed at their candidate based on [actual but distasteful] past or present behavior. Bring up Jeremiah Wright, swiftboat. William Ayers, swiftboat. Tony Rezko, swiftboat. The MSM and the democrats are still smarting over those damaging 527 ads during the 2004 campaign funded by John Kerry’s former unit members from the Vietnam War. So offensive were those ads to our media elites, that they have already begun discussing the future swiftboat ads they see coming from the GOP.

The liberal psyche dictates that only a democratic can be the victim of a swiftboat ad, and that only a republican can deliver a swiftboat. President Bush was not swiftboated by Dan Rather during memogate because the documentation Rather used to support his accusations was demonstrably false, and besides, Bush is a republican.

Therein lies the difference, memogate was an egregious effort to harm a candidate based on manufactured evidence that was quickly discredited. The ads sponsored by the swift boat vets were clearly meant to harm a candidate, but have never been proven wrong, not even by John Kerry four years after the fact.

So when you hear the media moan about a democrat being the victim of a swiftboat ad, there’s a good chance that the “gist” of the ad is true. The MSM is simply upset because these ads represent the inconvenient truth, for both them and their candidate.

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