Monday, May 19, 2008

Freaks Gone Wild

The leftist freaks over at Daily Kos have really sunk to new lows. They portray the Republicans as playing on fears and race baiting. However, prominently displayed on their web site at is a picture that is the epitome of both. The daily Kos loser called "one citizen" displays a photo of Michelle Obama bound to a tree surrounded by Klansmen getting ready to brand her. This is an outrage and a disgrace.

Sporting such images is nothing but race baiting and fear mongering. How can the whiny left complain incessantly that Republicans and the right play on our fears and race bait on important issues such as terrorism and patriotism when they themselves display photos of this kind? This photo is a idiotic attempt to play on the fears of their voting block and race bait. I am sure the left will not understand that this picture is racist and shows their lack of compassion and understanding of racial issues in our country. It shows their disdain and prejudices against working class Americans and plays on the fears of their African American voting block.

The picture pretends to cast the Republicans as wanting to burn the middle class. But really these immature radicals would do anything to keep their voting block in line by playing on fears and racism.

Pictures tell a thousand words. This particular picture tells of the lack of compassion and understanding the left claims to have. This picture tells of us the hatred the radicals have of America. This picture tells of the distinct lack of character in the radical left. This picture tells of the lack of integrity the left has. This picture tells of the contempt the left has of American freedoms and ideals. This picture tells us what a leftist government would do to America.

The leftist freaks have gone wild. They owe the American public an apology; they have disgraced themselves and our great country. Their hatred of our great nation is prominently on display.

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