Friday, May 30, 2008

Flush With Cash?

All year the MSM has continuously portrayed the democrats as money raising machines. The MSM talks about Obama's prowess at raising money. Every day the MSM comes in with a new story at how the democrats are destroying the Republicans in raising money. This has led to many pundits believing the Republicans are doomed to another landslide victory by the Democrats. Many prognosticators believe the the Republicans are set to lose in record numbers and be completely out of power. All of this because the democrats are supposedly flush with cash.

However, the Denver Post says the Democrats are cutting spending at their National Convention. It seems they are about $15 million short. Now the Dems have plenty of excuses for their shortfalls in cash but they have no real answers. In a year when just about any democrat should beat any republican it looks like perhaps the republicans may be able to hang in there.

McCain looks to be in contention. McCain is doing better in head to head match-ups than the generic democrat vs republican. In the Senate it looks like perhaps the Republicans may lose 2-3 seats. This is not bad considering they are defending 23. In the House it looks like the Republicans may just hold their own.

So, I must ask, Are the Democrats Flush with cash? Or have they reached their fund-raising potential? Stayed tuned for this could be a very surprising election yet!

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