Saturday, May 24, 2008

The End Justifies the Means

According to Congressman from PA the Democrats lied to the American Public. Paul Kanjorski a democrat congressman said that the freshman democrats that ran on an Iraq withdrawal "stretched the facts". He shrugged it off as just being something politicians do to win elections. We all know our politicians lie, cheat, and steal to win campaigns but when a political party is willing to lie about its platform just to retake control of the government is out of line.

Many American voters believe in the fundamental platforms of political parties. Many voters are not political junkies digging into the candidate's true position. No the average voter tends to receive political viewpoints through the biased lens of the main stream media. The media never reported positive progress made in Iraq. It was a daily barrage of the negative. The main stream media ensured the public was inundated with negative views of Iraq and were accomplices in the charade that is the democratic party.

The Congressman says that the end justified the means. He believes that telling lies and duping the American Public is just a part of doing business. Telling lies is just the method to gain control of our government. The true colors are showing. The democrats are elitists that believe they are entitled to their positions. To a Democrat our government is for them to rule our lives rather than a government for the people.

It is no wonder this Congress has not been able to accomplish anything. The party of no ideas (democrats) just wanted to be in power. This was probably just an effort to receive more pork for their congressional districts. These bogus politicians promised us lower gasoline prices and yet the price of a gallon of gas has increased over 50% since the "stretching the facts" democrats got into office. Now they wish to raise the gasoline taxes to make it even more expensive even though they promised to reduce energy costs.

Makes a voter wonder what else the party of liars decided to stretch. Do the democrats have anything they will stand on? Are the democrats really that poll driven? It is no wonder America voted this party out of control back in 1994. They really do not have any ideas. They believe that the end justified their methods. They did not really want to lead America they just wanted power. Just goes to show a person that power is a corrupting force. Way to go democrat party; it is always amusing when a politician opens his mouth and actually admits that they will lie, cheat, and steal just so long as they are in power.

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