Monday, May 26, 2008

A Day of Remembrance

Today is a special day. This weekend traditionally marks the first summer days. It is a day to go to the beaches. A day to visit the ball parks. A day for cooking outdoors and enjoying a few drinks with friends and family. But more importantly it is a day to remember our service men and women who gave their lives to protect us from our enemies.

Today I am sure there will be anti-war protests in America. I however implore these individuals to take a moment and think about the fallen. Today is not the time to protest in America. Today is for reflecting on our rights and not exercising our rights. Today is about the fallen that provided our rights through dedicated selfless service. It is about the men and women that stood watch over the walls that protect us all. Today means much to America. It is a day for remembering, reflecting, and thanking the individuals that gave their lives protecting our freedoms.

Freedom is what makes America the envy of the world. There is no other country on Earth that allows it citizens the rights to freedom. We all have rights that no one else has. We are alone in our pursuit of individual rights and freedoms. Life is about making choices and America provides the opportunity for its citizenry to make these choices. These freedoms however have a price. These freedoms are paid for in the blood of the few. The blood of those willing to sacrifice their lives in the name of freedom. Of all days in the year please take a moment to recognize these true American Heroes.

Many folks will exercise their rights to protest today. They believe they are standing for a cause. Today it will not be a noble act but rather the act of the selfish. People that would protest today do not have what it takes to be a foot soldier. They believe the protests provide the grassroots efforts to change a Nation. However, all they are doing is committing a selfish sin. They are going against the very freedoms represented by the day. Tomorrow is another day. I would hope that those that would protest today would refrain until tomorrow. We need to keep our fallen in our thoughts and our prayers. Today is A Day of Remembrance.

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