Sunday, May 25, 2008

Corrupt Politician Claims Victim Status

Earlier in the week House member Laura Richardson claimed that she worked out details with her mortgage company. Later we found that she had not worked out the details or at least not to the satisfaction of the mortgage company because her home was sold at auction. Now the despicable Representative says she was a victim of the mortgage crisis. She borrowed of half a million dollars to purchase a home with no money down. Then she neglected to pay her mortgage.

Ms. Richardson made a choice to use her funds to gain higher elected office instead of paying her bills. After winning a special election for the House of Representatives this despicable Congresswoman voted for a bill that would allow for debt forgiveness on mortgages just like her own. This Congresswoman really believed that the American tax payer should pay for her house. Instead the mortgage company got nervous that they would lose out and auctioned her residence for a $200,000 loss. She claims she is a victim and yet her actions made every American a victim. Essentially, this Congresswoman was a parasite that lived off the American society. She neglected to pay for her loan. The long term repercussions is that all Americans will find it harder to obtain a mortgage. All Americans will have to pay higher interest rates on Mortgages because they have become a higher risk investment because of Ms. Richardson and others just like her who obtained mortgages and never really intended to pay for them.

All we have to do is look at the facts. Ms. Richardson obtained a mortgage in 2007. She made a few payments then stopped after winning a special election. Shortly after winning the special election she voted for a bill on debt forgiveness. Ms. Richardson claims she had the details worked out with the mortgage company and had no idea her home was sold at auction. This is unbelievable. How could she not know her home was sold two weeks ago? She claims she did not use her influence as a Congresswoman. Again this is somewhat unbelievable. Her actions show she never really intended to pay for the home after winning the special election as she stopped making payments. She voted for the American taxpayer to bail her out when she herself failed to pay $9,000 in taxes. She claims victim status and that she is no different than other Americans. The problem is she is different. Most Americans are not in a position to pass along their debt to the taxpayer. Most Americans do not enter into debt with the intention of not paying the debt. Most Americans are responsible adults.

Americans are having a mortgage crisis because they entered into poor loans. The interest rates were low and they received adjustable rate mortgages. When the interest rates reset at a higher level these Americans could no longer afford the payments. This is not the case for Ms. Richardson. She obtained a loan after she knew full well that there was a problem in the housing industry. Her interest did not reset causing her payments to increase. She simply decided she was not going to pay the mortgage. She claims to be a victim. However she is just a deadbeat taking advantage of her position. This is just another corrupt politician from the left claiming victim status. She should be forced to resign from her position.

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