Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Blame Game

The chosen one has ignored voters throughout this campaign. In West Virginia Obama was humiliated with a 41 point loss. Obama and his followers are attempting to spin this defeat as being too little too late. On May 20th Obama is staring at another embarrassing loss. Obama's hometown newspaper "The Chicago Tribune" calls this potential embarrassing loss in Kentucky as "seen leaning Clinton's way". In the latest polling data Obama is down 27 points. Is that what the Obama hometown media calls a 27 point deficit? Is it really leaning? Would the tribune be as kind to the Bulls if they were down 27 points?

Now Obama is claiming that he did not have the time to campaign in Kentucky. He only had a year and 23 debates but of course a years time is not nearly enough time to visit the Kentucky voters who just may be inclined to cling to their guns and religion. Kentucky obviously did not make the map of 57 States that Obama is so proud of visiting.

Obama is bashing Fox news as being unfair. He says Fox News was spreading rumors about his religious beliefs and his patriotism. I am not so sure they are rumors. The points being generated by Fox News is that Obama has been attending an anti American church with strong ties to the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan. The questions raised about patriotism revolve around wearing a flag pin and not respecting the Nations flag during the National Anthem. These are not rumors. They are fact and Obama refuses to address them. As soon as his church and his patriotism are challenged Obama cries racism and calls them false rumors. Again like the appeasement fiasco Obama cries the loudest when someone hits the nail on the head. Obama the appeaser screams that the President launched a false political attack. Fox inquires about his religion and patriotism and Barack says Fox is unfair to him.

The problem is that Obama just does not connect to voters outside his little reality of the world. His constituency has remained the young, African Americans, and the affluent far left wing of the democratic party. He has not connected to middle America. He shies away from States with a large majority of white middle class voters. The far left has been clinging to the idea that McCain is having issues because 25% of Republicans are not voting for him after he became the presumptive nominee (although he carries 75% and wins). Perhaps they need to look at Obama who lost one State by 41% and is about to lose another by 25-30% after becoming the presumptive nominee.

Obama is a loser. He refuses to debate after losing badly in a PA debate. Obama refuses to campaign in States where he has no appeal in order to say that in one year of campaigning he did not have enough time to visit Kentucky. What is going to happen once the Republicans are sure Obama is the Nominee? Does Obama believe the republicans will rollover? Does Obama believe he can stay on the fringes and have the media defend him forever? Does Obama believe he can play the victim and race cards throughout the campaign and still win? Obama is not in a position where he can alienate voters and still win in November. The electorate is upset and desires a change. They do not want another weak candidate that will run away from the issues. They want someone to stand up for them. Obama has proven that he is incapable of standing for anything. Every time he is questioned about an issue of concern he blames someone else. America needs a President that will take personal responsibility and Obama has shown he will not take that responsibility.

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